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"""KnockKnock"" it is knocking on the door of our little house in our Toddler Quiet Book. Let's explore the magic of our Quiet Book. Behind the entrance door you can find a photo slot to tell everyone that this house and Quiet Book belongs to you.

Before inviting your friends over, we need to get dressed. What do you want to wear today? It's up to you! Take your favourite piece out of the wardrobe. Ohh, such a nice t-shirt! But it is dirty - so we first must do the laundry before you can wear it. Put the dirty t-shirt into the washing machine. Can you open the door of the washing mashine by yourself? For this task your fine motor skills are required! When the laundry is done, take it out and hang it up again according to the colors of the hangers.

Now we are ready for our playdate outside. Our first stop in the Toddler Quiet Book is the farm. Let's harvest our own carrots. Just look around. How many carrots do you count? How many carrots are in the ground? Let's count together! For each additional carrot that we count, we can change the number on the cart. This will help you remember numbers better. Once you have placed all the carrots in the cart, put them back in the field. Now you can help them by watering them with the watering can.
What about a little math problem with your Toddler Quiet Book? All 10 carrots are in the field. How many carrots are in the ground when you put one carrot in the cart? How many are left in the field when you put two more in the cart? You can help yourself by using the numbers in order to make the calculations easier to solve.

Our next stop of our playdate in our Toddler Quiet Book is a robot. Come on, let's take a look together! Did you know that robots have feelings? Look at its heart! You can button and unbutton the heart. The robot can even speak. Let it tell you stories by opening and closing the robot's mouth and using the zipper. It can even hear you. Do you see its ears? From time to time it needs a little help with its ears. You can help by tying the bands around the ears. That way it can hear you even better. Besides feeling, hearing and speaking - the robot can do much move. It can move its arms and legs! Open the little snap hook to better explore the robot and its attributes. Here you have the opportunity to improve your motor skills by tying the shoelace or turning the clock clockwise and counterclockwise. Finally, you can help it walk by rotating the feet of the robot.

After spending time at the farm and with the robot - our Toddler Quiet Book will take you to a little trip into space? Before the missile takes off, we have to plan our journey. By threading the ribbon through all the loops you can learn which planets we will pass on our mission. The Toddler Quiet Book will take you to any planet you want to go. Can you already name all the planets? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Once we come back from our space mission, all earthlings want to congratulate you for your succesful mission by throwing you a party. Our Toddler Quiet Book shows you what you need for your little party by improving your dexterity: You will need balloons and buttons. The most important part is placing them in the right spot. Do you know where to place the balloons on the Velcro or the buttons?

Before our journey ends, you can learn colors and shapes in your Toddler Quiet Book. Take all the shapes off and place them next to each other. Then attach them again but in the right place.

Toddler Quiet Book Lucky You:

- logical thinking
- Matching colors and shapes
- eye-hand coordination
- different closures
- fine motor skills
- first arithmetic units

This product is a Quiet Book, which was created in cooperation with Juliane (Instagram: @diekindergartenpaedagaogin).

Product details for the Montessori toy Lucky You:
Age recommendation: 2 years and up
Dimensions: 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm
Number of pages: 6 plus cover
Materials used: Felt and 100% cotton
Weight: 0,3 kg
Tested quality according to CE and EN 71/1-3"

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