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"A Quiet Book in black and white?


Shortly after birth, babies initially see objects blurred and can distinguish their world in two colors: light and dark. Therefore, our new Black and White Quiet Book Baby promotes not only haptics, but also stimulates the brain activity, improves the perception and consequently the visual development through a strong color contrast:

This Quiet Book takes your baby on a journey to discover objects like moon, stars or sun.
Our journey starts with a funny car-ride. But before we can start, we have to check the tires.

Are the tires (here they are buttons) correctly assembled. Let’s check by feeling their surface. How do the buttons feel? What shape are the buttons?

Everything seems assembled correctly. Then, we can start driving. And what’s the best thing about a roadtrip? – Yes, looking out of the window and observing the beautiful landscape.

Let's drive to the next place. To the Moon and stars to be exact. During the middle of the night, it is dark and most people sleep.

Would you like to try out how moon and stars feel? Run your finger over both and find out if the fabric feels the same in all places or if there are slight elevations. By using your sense of touch, you can find out if a shape is round or more angular.

What can you observe as well in the sky? We can see moon and stars but also birds. Help the bird to fly by observing all his characteristics. To emphasize body parts such as eyes and wings, the light-dark contrast helps here as well. What do you notice here? The texture of the feet makes them feel a little different, doesn't it? Do you notice anything about the eyes and wings? What is so special about birds? They don't have to drive cars in order to get from one place to another, they are able to fly due to their wings! That's cool, isn't it?

Today you learnt so much and learning makes you very hungry. Are you a little hungry? No problem! Before our trip we prepared a tasty snack like this apple. Apples are not only delicious to eat, but also very healthy! But before eating, let's just find out how it feels. With a contrast change, this one consists of two seams because the leaf is not directly attached to the apple. Can you feel that with your fingers?

Since apples grow on trees, and trees are positioned in nature, such as forests, nature offers many more plants such as pretty flowers. Flowers you can also discover and get to know in your Quiet Book baby. Does it feel round or square? Did you know that flowers need a lot of light to properly grow and that this light is our bright sun? What does the sun feel like? Round, square, or both? How is it constructed? Is there a double shape? Find out by running your finger over the page. What offers the next page in our Quiet Book Baby toy? Put your hand on the one of your Quiet Book Baby toy. Which hand is bigger? Let's finish our journey with a stop by the pond. Do you know what animals live in ponds, seas or rivers? Your Quiet Book baby will give you the answer. Feel the fabric of the fish by running with your fingers along the seam.

In our Quiet Book Baby toy from 0 years, newborns can improve their perception, vision and haptics by the help of 8 black and white pictures. In addition, babies gain their first experience about the environment and different shapes and symbols. As the colors alternate black and white per page, not only is the transition between the individual pages clearer, but the symbol is also contrasted more clearly on the respective pages.

This Quiet Book Baby toy, like all our Quiet Books, promotes:
- training of the sense of sight
- fine motor skills (including especially the sense of touch)
- learning of shapes
- learning about symbols, creatures, foods and objects

Product details of the Quiet Book Baby:
- Age recommendation: from 0 years
- Dimensions: in closed format 15 cm, in opened format 80 cm
- Number of sides: 8
- Materials used: 100% felt
- Weight: 0.,3 kg
- Tested quality according to CE and EN 71/1-3"

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