Bankroll Flow 2k to 20k a Month Strategy with Flow 365 - Day 1

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Not a financial advisor, please seek a professional for FA.

How to get started on Bankroll Flow.

1. Go to
2. Paste in my wallet address at the Buddy Referral TJZYGCzBaNmSxKDdM5h2fvTwG7rd4ncF41
3. Make sure "deposits enabled is on"
4. Buy some BNKRX with TRX here
5. Deposit your BNKRX
6. Roll it!

Flow 365 Strategy - Create 3 different wallets, 1 you will roll 365 days, 1 you will roll 180, 1 you will roll for 90 days and then do whatever you want.
I'm doing 10K BNKRX in the 365. The 90 and 180 accounts will start with 5k BNKRX.

In your 90-day account. Roll for 90 days and continue to add funds when you have them. Start taking divs after 90 days and stop taking divs at 180 days. At 180 days, began the next 365-day roll for the 90 day account. At 365 days, start rolling the 180-day account divs. 6 Months after you start taking the 365-day divs, roll the original 365 and start taking the divs from the Flow 90 account.

Continue or modify as needed. Again, this is just what I'm doing.

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