BOBOO The world's first PoB (Proof of Behavior) cryptocurrency trading platform

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The world's first PoB (Proof of Behavior) cryptocurrency trading platform:

In the crypto market with numerous exchanges and new concepts, one major problem faced by users is how to choose a credible exchange. And one indicator for this is whether the exchange has big names to endorse. From the perspective of investment institutions or investors behind the exchange, the three figures thinking highly of the Boboo platform make it easier for users to choose.
Genesis Capital co-founder SUN Zeyu ever made a profit of 1 million yuan with just300k yuan by investing cryptocurrencies. Thereafter, this legendary investor threw himself into the blockchain investment industry and established the Genesis Capital, supporting a large number of blockchain entrepreneurs.
Speaking in an industry summit, SUN said: “ I join crypto exchanges, not only to invest money but also to utilize my resources to power exchanges, help them grow.” What he said implies that Boboo will, of course, get financial assistance from SUN in the future, and meanwhile, the resources behind the man will become an important support for Boboo’s long-term development.
Besides investors’ funds, the long-term growth of exchanges depends more on resources behind investors. In this regard, Boboo exchange will definitely gain more power, given the investment from TAN Chenhui, CEO of Bishijie.
As is well known, Bishijie is the best one among Chinese blockchain media platforms. Citing official data, Bishijie boasts 200,000 daily active users, with accumulative downloads exceeding 2.5 million. The resources of the leading media platform will bring corresponding traffic to Boboo in the future, providing Boboo with a strong growth engine.
JU Jianhua, former CTO of Huobi, is a famous person with a technology background. When Huobi was still in its early stage in 2014, JU completely reconstructed its Bitcoin trading system, making it more high-speed, stable and open.
JU’s investment lets Boboo grow as an exchange standing on the shoulders of technology giants. The exchange can not only avoid the detours that other exchanges go through but also master the innovation capabilities of top exchanges.
The biggest problems confronted by exchanges are no users, no trading volumes, and no technical thresholds. Regardless of the unique PoB mining mode, Boboo will also obtain funds, resources as well as technologies from above three crypto bigwigs. The new exchange that is “born with a silver spoon in its mouth” seems unlikely to fail to prosper.

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