79 Little-Known Facts That Changed the Way We See the World

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You probably think you know almost everything about the world around you. But the truth is, there are tons of facts they don't teach you in school that can completely change your view of the world!

Did you know, for example, that you can distinguish hot water from cold just by listening to it? Hot water basically produces a higher pitched sound when poured. Or that some cats can be allergic to humans, thanks to certain chemicals on our skin? Or that In Switzerland, owning only one guinea pig or parrot is considered to be animal abuse? So introduce your guinea pig to your parrot. That’d be an odd couple, but we’re not judgmental here on the Bright Side.

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How many senses do we have in reality? 1:04
Which body parts never stop growing 2:10
Which emotions fish experience 2:35
Do ants sleep? 3:49
Who has a higher pain tolerance 3:58
Why some people are more emotional than others 4:19
How many teeth snails have 4:29
The man who hiccupped for 68 years 4:41
The longest book title ever 5:51
Does everyone has abs? 6:03
The shortest war ever 7:50
What's Barbie doll's full name 8:32
How many questions children ask 8:52
Is yawning contagious? 9:25
The world's youngest parents 10:21
How giraffes clean their ears 10:31
The first ever product called iPhone 10:50
Something you didn't know about the Eiffel Tower 11:24
The longest time ever between twins being born 11:52
The longest traffic incident ever 12:35

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- Every time you recall a certain memory, your brain distorts it, slowly making it less and less accurate.
- Chameleons change their color depending on their current mood. So they really can get the blues.
- It took the creator of the Rubik's Cube one month to solve his own puzzle.
- The cute and colorful Cuban Bee Hummingbird weighs less than a regular penny!
- People from the same family smell pretty much the same. That's nature's way of preventing possible genetic mutations.
- Our brains can't create new faces, so at one point you've met all the people you ever saw in your dreams.
- Hard-working ants sleep only 8 minutes every 12 hours! Moreover, their brain activity remains pretty high even when they're resting.
- A study from New Zealand discovered that pigeons can do simple math
- People who know two or more languages subconsciously change their personality, depending on the language they’re speaking at the moment.
- Romantic butterflies in your stomach are caused by adrenaline flooding your body. I thought it was due to eating caterpillars for lunch.
- The latest studies on human memory state that we can remember no more than 3 or 4 things at a time.
- Whether you lose or gain weight, your fat cells never disappear – they just change their size. So your fat cells themselves can go on a diet.
- According to some studies, dogs can easily smell a specific scent that cancer produces in a person.
- Cats have two separate sets of vocal cords. They use one of them for purring and another one for meowing.
- Sweat itself doesn't have any odor at all! It's the bacteria on your skin that breaks it down and causes it to smell bad.
- There are more fake flamingos in the world than real ones. Most of them vacation in Miami.
- High heels were originally worn by men! Persian soldiers wore them to secure their feet while riding horses back in 15th century.Every single time a little girl is born in the beautiful village of Piplantri, India, village members plant 111 trees in her honor.

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