Blockchain Changing The World With DaoAct

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Pre-release access is possible but you must apply. It will take place the three days before the ICO from 10th - 13th January 2018. It will allow you 2x compared with the ICO i.e. $100 contributed during pre-release access will secure the same number of tokens as $200 during the ICO. Please visit our website to apply.

About ACT

ACT is a decentralized funding platform for activism and social good. It is the vehicle that the crypto-powered world will use to make governments and corporates accountable and responsive the needs of the people through citizen mobilization. It allows people to aggregate micro-payments, which are used to purchase votes. People then vote on proposals to trigger smart contracts which send the resources to activists and campaigns that drive change. We will achieve a decentralized world, but we need a thriving planet to live on. The ACT platform can drive change at any speed and any scale. As a decentralized autonomous organization, it cannot be stopped or impeded - it embodies this era of power to the people.


ACT raised 1200 ETH during a pre-ICO in July from 450 contributors. It was the 4th project to be launched on the prestigious WINGS platform. We had amazing support from the WINGS community and team - "ACT is a truly innovative concept in the cryptocurrency space focused on social good.” — Boris Povod, President of the WINGS Foundation Council.

Subsequently, we founded the ACT Foundation in Zug Switzerland. It is based at the offices of PST Legal Consulting, Baarerstrasse 10, 6302 Zug and our Swiss Board member also sits on the Board of the Ethereum Council. Team

Since raising seed capital in July we have been building the components of the ACT platform. Our product technical roadmap and costings were published here before our pre-ICO, and we are pleased to be on-track. The prototype ACT app was released before November 18th and has been tested extensively by our community and the developer network. It is phenomenal - connected to the blockchain, an app based voting mechanism for proposals which pays Ether when the smart contract is triggered. The ACT curation engine (ACE) prototype will be ready in early January. Contact us if you would like more details.

Please check out our full news section here including our talks (we have never paid to pitch) at Bitcoin Wednesday, Gibraltar Fintech and Blockchain Expo, Silicon Valley to name but a few!

Token distribution

Our token distribution remains the same as published during the pre-ICO (of course), however, we will mint 10 million rather than 10 billion tokens because we don't need so many, and three less decimals makes it easier to handle for more exchanges. We are now using the name "ACT" for the voting token on the ACT app (not tradable) and are therefore calling the ACT platform token CE7. The distribution is 80% to funding contributors, 2% for bounties, 5% for founders. 3% for Daoact Limited, 6% for project collaborators, and 2% for WINGS. You can read our current Crowdcontribution terms and conditions here.


We will start listing on exchanges straight after the ICO. In addition, we have commissioned a state of the art draglet exchange which we can use to allow the community to trade the ACT platform token (CE7) for Ether or BTC straight away in case there are any delays with exchanges.

White paper

And last but not least, our current white paper Please take a look at this medium article ..or are website

Thank you for your support.

ACT Team


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