Cyborg Girl 2008 - Cô người máy của tôi English Sub Full HD

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Cyborg Girl 2008 English Sub Full HD - Cô người máy của tôi

Cyborg Girl 2008 Full HD - Japanese Movie English Sub
Jiro is a bored college student. On November 22, 2007, he meets a beautiful and strange girl. Her boldness made the foolish man like living in a dream, and when she left with tears rolling down his cheeks, he still did not understand what had happened. He just prayed to see her again ... Then on November 22, 2008 his birthday came again. He still buys himself birthday present as every birthday, in the familiar restaurant, he meets her "again". However, "she" is not "her". This is a robot he takes over 60 years of life and all his money to make up. Taking the shape of his "dreamer" the year the robot was sent to him to help him overcome the terrible calamities waiting for him .... The film is interwoven between past, present and similar. as Deja vu memories and hallucinations.
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