What is Card Sorting in UX? Resources and Hacks

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Card sorting is a kind of research tool which is used to assess or analyze the way any sort of information is grouped in a manner, labeled, and completely organized within the website by allowing the users to sort various content topics into various categories that make some sense to them. Contact us for the best UI development company in USA

It helps you in understanding what various users expect from a site so that you can provide a specific product that meets their various needs. Building a structure in the content using suitable information gained from the card sorting process promotes a way more smooth interaction between the users and the various systems by presenting the specific information in a way that is easily accessible and searchable for them.

Resources and Hacks:

  • Do a trial run
  • Number your cards 
  • Keep the topic labels brief 
  • Start with the cards in a random order 
  • Provide a time estimate
  • Use a mixture of both open and closed card sorting 

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