One small almost abandoned but really nice project

Posted in Default Category on June 25 at 11:06 PM
Infinity Loop is a small almost abandoned project where nobody lives. I feel myself there as being among the fantastic and really pleasant ruins.
Publications there can be embedded into any website. However, they remain private


Post Scriptum:
Sometimes there is a problem with inserting content from another site into a blog by iframe. The fact is that a blog can have a fixed width smaller than the width of the content. Using scaling transform (css) does not work, because clipping to the width of the blog is done before scaling. There are two solutions to the problem. The first is the use of a virtual frame filled with content through the 'srcdoc' attribute. Scaling is done in this virtual frame The second is the use of a widget previously created on another site that does not have a width limit for entries. In fact, this widget scales the source content. I have used Blogger for this purpose here.

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