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Posted in on September 23 at 04:05 AM
A lot of people already now that  is the best and oldest paying faucet of Bitcoin. To start winning with  you have to register an free account and pas the verification. After registration you will be able to claim from the faucet every hour. 
At the beginning it will be very boring, because the amount for the faucet will be in the most of the claims  something like 0.0000023 Btc. But if you will play MULTIPLY BTC  in a very short time your hourly claims will reach about 600 Satoshi.  have a very good investment option giving an 4.08% interes per year. 
I personally use as wallet because of the interest and the small fee for the instant widraul. 
 I have made this Topic because I want to now what strategy are using the people how are playing  and winning with .

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