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  • KiBLS
    Me and youI do not wear the same shirt.
    And yet you are not foreign to me.I do not wear the same pants.
    And yet I like your pose.I do not wear the same dress.
    And yet I share your suffering....  more
  • KiBLS
    Oh, the loveOh, you humans come and see!
    You have twisted the whole world.Oh, you humans come and marvel!
    The whole world is in a bad mood.Oh, you humans come and feel!
    The whole world, emotionally cooled....  more
  • KiBLS
    Dear heartWords right from the deep of the heart!
    Instantly melt away all pain!Sentences directly from the deep of the heart!
    Burns brighter than "all" candles!Rhymes coming from the heart!
    Include luck in every verse!...  more
  • KiBLS
    Dear television

    What has happened in the world lately?
    Should i be totally upset or calm and sedately?

    Tell me who should I hate today?
    With who I am allowed to play?

    What should I be afraid of this week?
    About what fears I am allowed to speak?

    And what should I buy tomorrow?
    Where can I get some cash to borrow?

    I'm so grateful for your great advice.
    I can even book a flight to paradise.

    All I have to do is make you my king.
    And for that you promise me everything.

    (written by...  more
  • KiBLS
    One unitDo I act free or with compulsion?
    Am I for Yin or for Yang?Am I here or am I there?
    Am I coming now or am I leaving?Am I right or left?
    Am I even up or down?...  more