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    ’s Bolivar Sees 454% Inflation in Q1 as #Maduro Hawks the #Petro

    Runaway inflation continues to devalue the Venezuelan Bolivar (VEB), even as the country’s authoritarian government seeks to divert attention from the floundering economy by hawking its “Petro” cryptocurrency.

    According to Reuters, prices in Venezuela rose by 454 percent during the first quarter of 2018 and have swelled by 8,900 percent over the past 12 months.

    Those numbers are from the...  more
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    #​​Venezuela wants to pay #Russia for spare car parts in El #Petro cryptocurrency

    Venezuela will use El Petro to pay for spare car parts of "KamAZ" supplied from Russia. The news was reported by the Minister of Foreign Trade of Venezuela, José Vielma Mora.

    According to him, this decision was discussed during the meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental commission in Caracas. In addition to supplies of components, the alliance with the Russian motorcar factory provides vehicle assembly...  more