• How do I redeem credits?

    You can redeem your credits by filling out the form in Withdraw SAT tab

    We will need:

    1) Your ERC-20 wallet address.   (Note:  No ethereum wallet address from exchanges.  Please only use addresses from MyEtherWallet, Mist, Metamask, etc)

    2) Minimum withdraw amount is 100 SAT

    3) Please allow up to 48 hours for SAT to appear in your wallet

  • What is a Credit?

    1 Credit is equivalent to 1 SAT (Social Activity Token) used on Sphere Social.

  • How do I get Credits?

    You can earn credits by doing various activities on the site such as adding blog, creat new event..., etc. Also you can purchase credits using PayPal account.

    To see which actions you can perform to earn SAT, please visit:    Action types and credits