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How much is one Q worth in USD?

on July 12 at 01:21 AM

How much is one Q worth in USD?

At this stage, Qs are only being reserved, and cannot be used. If Initiative Q becomes a leading payment network, Qs are expected to be worth approximately 1 US dollar per Q. This estimate is detailed in our economic model.

What is your estimate of the Q value based on?

The reasoning behind the estimated future value of the Q payment network can be summarized as follows:

  1. The payment world is stuck with decades old technologies, since it is very difficult to get buyers to adopt a new technology that sellers don’t yet support and vice versa.
  2. Initiative Q solves this problem by compensating early adopters with future currency.
  3. This enables the building of a payment network that is far superior to current ones.
  4. A payment network that is both superior technologically, and widely adopted, would be preferred by both buyers and sellers.
  5. It is realistic to expect that such a network would eventually overtake credit cards, which account for $20 trillion in annual transactions.
  6. The total amount of money in the world is roughly half the world’s annual economic activity. The value of all Q currency could thus reach half of Q’s annual volume (i.e. $10 trillion).
  7. An alternative data point is the value of cryptocurrencies which peaked at nearly $1 trillion, despite hardly being used for real payments (nearly all activity is speculation).
  8. Therefore, the total future value of Qs could reach a few trillion dollars. Since there are currently 2 trillion Qs, the goal of one US dollar per Q is achievable.

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