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How many Qs are there? Who holds them?

on July 12 at 01:18 AM

How many Qs are there? Who holds them?

Two trillion Qs will be issued, to be distributed as follows:

  • 80% are expected to be distributed as incentives — to encourage user activity and promote network growth. Around half of the incentives are reserved for buyers, and the rest for sellers, agents, contributors, and to incentivize growth-supporting activities within the Q network.
  • 10% are assigned to the Initiative Q payment company, for the purpose of developing the world’s most advanced payment network.
  • 10% are assigned to the Q monetary committee. These will be gradually converted to other currencies and financial assets, to serve as monetary reserves, allowing any Q member to easily convert to other currencies if needed.

Once the initial 2 trillion Q are fully distributed, the monetary committee may create and distribute new Qs in order to keep the money supply in line with economic activity and to maintain stability, as outlined in the economic model.



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