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Get free 500 UCASH Coin during IBO (Initial Bounty Offerings)

What is an IBO?

Initial Bounty Offerings are a way to crowdsource human resources, business development, marketing and user acquisition for blockchain technology ecosystems, by offering network tokens in exchange for contributions to the ecosystem. With the launch of the U.CASH platform, we introduce the world’s first IBO by offering the majority of network access tokens (UCASH) to users through a bounty program, so that people can acquire tokens by contributing their skills and time.

Why an IBO and not an ICO?

Unfair distribution of ICO tokens to "quick on the trigger" buyers and "whales" with large holdings of digital currencies has lead to markets being manipulated and unfair benefits being given to these early individuals. Regular users are left out as these ICOs raise millions of dollars in digital currencies within minutes and the future health of the network is adversely affected.

I can get UCASH without investing?

Yes you can! You can work for your tokens instead! Take a look at all the available bounties.

What type of bounties exist?

Three types of bounties exist:

  1. Limited Time: Bounties which will only be available during the IBO period to be claimed. They will include time-sensitive or temporary assignments which will benefit the IBO as well as after.
  2. Unlimited Wait: Bounties which will stay available until such a time they are claimed. As the value of the network increases, these bounties will likely be claimed if not done so already.
  3. Infinite Claim: Bounties which will reward successful bounty hunters forever. A small percentage of the remaining reward in the bounty will be distributed to each claimant.

What if I can't find suitable bounties for myself

If you don’t see any bounties you like, and you can think of new ways to help the Ucash network you can propose new bounties. A small bounty is awarded if your proposal is adopted into the uCash IBO.

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