How about to Social Etiquette in Sphere!

on June 15 at 10:13 AM
When someone post a picture, a blog post, a Topic, a video, a group or whatever, it is NOT an invitation for people to come and SPAM with a comment about a crypto opportunity.  How about some social etiquette?
You can post your opportunities as a Blog post, a topic, use a video, or a picture, however, responding to someone else's post with a comment that is something other than a comment about THEIR POST is SPAM. 
When someone post a picture, post a comment about the picture NOT your business opportunity.
When someone post a blog, topic, or video, post a comment about their post, NOT your business opportunity.
The simple fact is when someone post a business opportunity as a response to something I post, the comment gets deleted and they get removed as a friend.
Again, use etiguette on Sphere and stop being rude.
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