Hi, my name is Anarchy, I represent FREEDOM - Not chaos!

on May 08 at 06:36 PM

Freedom from control, manipulation, torture, dependence, authority, and all other elements of matrix is - anarchy, not chaos. This system that we have created as a humanity throughout the history is real fucking chaos! I guess we all decided to make this game harder for us, so here we are, dealing with a lot of shit.

Have you ever wondered why is it so chaotic, and what is the root of the problem? Well, I'm gonna answer you that easily with one word - Control. If it wasn't for cops and other forms of authority, people would finally be free, happy and carefree all the time. Just imagine how angry would you feel if someone forbids you to do what you really really want, now you understand why are people so furious and violent all the time. It is so obvious and so simple to understand that authority makes people angry, but most of folks just don't see it and probably will never understand. Subconsciously everybody knows the root of the problem in this system, but other players (big fish) in this game are trying hard and successful to deceive us, but hey, it's all part of the game, so chill and enjoy the ride.


Have you ever wondered how to free yourself from the system, so you could truly enjoy the life without anger and fear? It's easy, just constantly be aware that everything is an illusion, it's all just a game/movie, and don't ever worry, authority is an illusion too. If I write any more of this it would be too much. Now go out and play.

Free your mind to free yourself - Anarchy is a state of mind!

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