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 Gut Vita® is the world's first unique and most advanced gut formula designed to support digestive health issues by targeting the root cause and restoring optimal gut flora.


Real Life-Changing Results. Gut Vita Users Rating Gut Vita Real Users

 "Michael has no more acid reflux...!"

 For years, my bowels have been in turmoil with intermittent constipation and diarrhea and Hartburn. Now I have normal, firm stool and I have no more acid reflux or hemorrhoids. I'm feeling wonderful. Thank you.


"Judith is pooping like clockwork...!" 

I started keto and even though I lost some weight, hemorrhoids and constipation were still an issue. After using your Gut protocol for 32 days, I'm pooping my clockwork and all hemorrhoids are gone. That's amazing.


"Darryl goes 2-3 times a day...!" 

I have a very slow colon and chronic heartburn. Everything the doctors put me on nothing worked. Now I go every day, sometimes two to three times a day. And acid reflux has vanished.

 Gut Vita® Brand-New Formula Restores Digestive Health And Gut Microbiome.

 What is Gut Vita? 

Gut Vita is a nutritional gut support formula blended with natural herbs, plants, minerals, prebiotic and probiotic formulas, and essential fiber. It is a gut supplement formulated with natural elements for protecting the good bacteria in the gut and decreasing harmful bacteria’s growth by strengthening the gut barrier. Gut Vita is designed specially to address digestive health issues by targeting the principal cause and optimal gut flora restoration.

The Gut Vita formula contains a combination of unique natural herbs and plants that are specially chosen for their unique properties to support and enhance the workings of the digestive system. The Gut Vita formula works together to give you a more efficient, less sluggish digestive tract and helps to improve your digestion. This powerful combination provides support to the body’s natural defense mechanisms, allowing them to maintain a healthy state while helping support the digestive system.


The creator - Frank Adams, claims to have collaborated with medical researchers to assemble ingredients that eliminate the primary cause of most digestive disorders after years of persistent constipation nearly claimed his life. Gut Vita are all plant-based and are 100% safe. It is proudly made and manufactured in the USA at our FDA registered and GMP certified facility using state of the art, scientifically engineered machinery and under the most sterile conditions. You can be assured that the ingredients we use are of the highest possible standard and tested for purity and potency. 

How does Gut Vita work?

 As previously mentioned, Gut Vita was created to address the underlying causes of most digestive issues. The creators disclosed that their plan focuses on toxin buildup in the colon brought on by the parasite called Amoeba. The body’s ability to maintain balance in terms of water and mineral content, core temperature, cell function, and blood chemicals could all be upset by this toxicity. The obvious result is a host of health issues, one of which Gut Vita seems to have been designed to resolve.

Remaining on the subject of parasitic infection, one source claims that Amoeba can kill human cells by biting off portions of intestinal cells. It has been established that this parasite damages the gut and causes colon inflammation. The researchers at the time stated how “targeting molecules unique to the parasite, we have a better chance of therapies that combat the amoeba without affecting humans,” but this has yet to be put into practice.

It’s interesting to note that the incomplete eating of cells, specifically at the lining of the gut, is believed to lead to food that would normally slide through easily to become stuck and rot away, according to the creators. The lack of said nutrients inevitably results in undesirable buildups, which in turn prevents the body from properly functioning. 

In light of everything, Gut Vita ticks off the following actions to free people from poor gut and digestive health:

Step 1. Eliminate amoeba and excess bacteria in the small intestine 

Step 2. Restore digestion, replenish the body with nutrients, and regenerate the bowels 

Step 3. Rebuild and populate the gut microbiome 

Step 4. Strengthen the intestinal flora

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Ingredients inside Gut Vita

 glucomanan powder:

Glucomannan provides users with incredible fiber that will make bowel movements easier to pass. It improves how often consumers use the bathroom, and it keeps their stools consistent and healthy. These changes are the key to preventing constipation from building up, and it helps users to improve their weight loss. Some consumers include glucomannan powder to help with their immune system. It improves how quickly the gut wall can heal itself. 

Apple Pectin:

Apple pectin is another important source of fiber, but it acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotic fibers can be found in the cell walls of apples and other plants, helping the gut barrier to become stronger. This fiber is essential to improving how much healthy bacteria exists in the gut, which means that more of the nutritional support from food can be absorbed. This ingredient is also essential to improving low blood sugar levels.


Flaxseed Powder:

Flaxseed powder is one of the most reliable sources of fiber, providing the body with another remedy for prebiotic bacteria. It supports a healthier gut with safe and easy changes in the digestive system. It improves how quickly bowel movements form, and users can easily pass them without the pain of constipation. Flaxseed powder is also a helpful way to reduce the risk of diarrhea.


Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is often used as a topical remedy, but this formula takes advantage of its role in gut health and better digestion. It is a healthy component for positive bacteria in the gut, keeping it balanced for better digestion. It is used to reduce the risk of bloating and gas, and its incredible amount of fiber is beneficial for people who constantly deal with constipation. Including aloe vera also helps consumers to improve blood sugar levels and support individuals who struggle with type 2 diabetes.


Black Walnut:

Black walnut is beneficial for anyone who deals with constant gut issues and constipation, clearing out parasites and fungus that can disrupt healthy digestion and bowel movements. Unlike other ingredients, black walnut has a laxative effect as well, encouraging bowel movements and supporting healthy bile flow. It can help with inflammation as it supports intestinal walls, and it can reduce how much waste is eliminated. One of the key benefits of using black walnut is the ability to destroy a particular type of bacteria that is linked to stomach ulcers.


Bentonite Clay:

Bentonite clay comes from volcanic ash, and studies indicate that it can help consumers to reduce their pain and discomfort associated with constipation, gas, acid reflux, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can ease bloating, though taking it frequently can help consumers to improve the consistency of their bowel movements. Users experience these movements more frequently, making it easy to eliminate toxins and other impurities that can disrupt the digestive tract.


Prune Powder:

Prunes are notorious for the natural effect they have as a laxative. They are frequently used by consumers who suffer from chronic constipation and problems with their gut health. It contains a ton of fiber, and studies show that it can drastically reduce the risk of colon cancer. It improves normal bowel function, and it increases bowel movements. Ultimately, as a prebiotic, prune powder can inhibit the growth of any bad bacteria, keeping the gut balanced and healthy.


Psyllium Husk:

Psyllium Husk is the final soluble fiber in this formula, creating a gel-like substance in the intestines to keep bowel movements regular and easy to pass. It reduces abdominal pain, and it eases bloating that is often credited to IBS. Some people use it as an appetite suppressant in weight loss because of the fullness it creates in the stomach when digested, leading to less food being consumed.


Live-Strain Probiotics:

A unique blend of live probiotic strains that enhance immunity, help relieve constipation, slow down the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the gut, aid in controlling sugar levels in people with diabetes and reduce cholesterol levels. These live strains have also been proven to starve bad bacteria while feeding the good bacteria.


Oat Bran Powder:

Oat Bran is a great source of soluble fiber which keeps your gut microbiome balanced and prevents constipation and diarrhea by increasing the bulk of your stool and helping to keep it soft. In a Canadian study, researchers found that adding oat bran biscuits to patients’ daily diet produced a marked improvement in bowel frequency and consistency.

 Gut Vita® Brand-New Formula Restores Digestive Health And Gut Microbiome.


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Your order today is protected by my iron-clad 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, if you do not FEEL electrified with energy, experience bowel movements like clockwork as your gut health is restored, then at any time in the next 60 days, simply send us back the bottles, opened or unopened and we'll refund every single penny of your investment. No questions asked.


Benefits of Gut Vita 

Gut Vita is a must-have digestive health supplement that fills the nutritional gaps you don't get from food and remarkably improves your stomach health and well-being.


Restore Gut Health:

The supplement helps the stability of the gut wall and supports a strong gut barrier. Besides, it helps maintain the healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, which allow normal gut function. 

Support Healthy Digestion:

Gut Vita repopulates your stomach with healthy bacteria and restores the natural balance of the gut microbiome to support a healthy digestive system. Besides, its potent ingredients help accelerate the better digestion of foods and also support storage and energy production. 

Treat And Prevent Digestive Issues:

An imbalance in the gut leads to many digestive problems. Gut Vita help rebalance the gut microbiome and exclude harmful bacteria, thus helping reduce the severity of IBS symptoms, including diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, bloating, and gas. 

Help With Weight Loss:

Probiotics in Gut Vita also help in weight maintenance. It regulates appetite and helps you feel fuller for longer and thus prevents overeating. Besides, it helps the body burn more calories and store less fat.

 Enhance Immunity:

Gut Vita has been shown to boost the immune system. It inhibits the growth of harmful gut bacteria and promotes a variety of good bacteria in the gut, which boosts your ability to fight against disease-causing microbes. Plus, give your body natural antibodies to protect it against infections.


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 Gut Vita® Brand-New Formula Restores Digestive Health And Gut Microbiome.

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