Swaraj 717 Price in India - Tractorgyan

on February 08 at 11:48 AM
The Swaraj 717 is a medium-sized tractor produced by an Indian company called Swaraj Enterprise that serves a variety of functions. This tractor is perfect for a number of jobs and is frequently used in agriculture. It has a 3-cylinder, direct-injection, water-cooled diesel engine that can run at 2000 rpm and produce 17 HP. The Swaraj 717 sports a single dry-type clutch, a wheelbase of 1895 millimeters, and a 4-speed transmission. It is a very versatile equipment that may be used for a wide range of operations, including threshing, harrowing, plowing, and tilling. Additionally, it features a 16-liter gasoline tank, which enables it to operate for extended periods of time without refueling. Farmers may find the Swaraj 717 to have a number of appealing qualities, including low running costs, ease of use, and upkeep. It is a fantastic long-term investment because it is strong and dependable. Swaraj 717 Price comes in two series which are perfect for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.

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