Tips to Find the Right Solar Installer in Perth for Homeowners

on February 07 at 06:59 AM

Going solar could seem like a difficult process, so you need to make sure you hire qualified solar installer in Perth to guide you through it.

How can you choose skilled, experienced, certified, and using solar panels of the best possible quality professional solar installation?

Research and interviews with a variety of installers are the most practical responses.

Tips to Find the Best Solar Installer in Perth, WA

The following are some of the most important factors you should bear in mind as you start your road toward installing solar panels at your home:


Verify that the contractor you pick has the necessary insurance, bonding, and licenses to install solar home projects in your neighborhood. Verify this information before choosing an installation as organizations issue industry-standard certifications.

Ask if they will be using any subcontractors for your project, and if they do, make sure to look into their credentials. The best solar company in Perth has experts with all the certifications to install residential solar systems.

Expertise and Credibility in the Field

Look for solar installers in Perth with a proven track record of installing solar systems and who are knowledgeable about every aspect of the procedure.

It is preferable to hire installers that have at least three years of experience in the industry while searching for them. Find out how long they've been in operation and how many solar energy systems they've installed by asking them.


Your installer needs to walk you through every step of the work that will be done and be accessible if you have any queries.

Find out precisely what jobs will be assigned to subcontractors if the installation intends to use them, as well as how the installer intends to oversee their work.

Resolving Roof Issues

As soon as you engage an solar installer in Perth, you should assess the condition of your roof. Before they start, ask your installer if they have any recommendations for roof repairs.

Make sure you are aware of who is responsible for paying for any roof repairs or potential leaks.

A vent pipe will typically protrude from the peak of a house's roof. Some installers may place the panels around these openings to prevent interference, but you might not be happy with the results. It might be possible to have the vents moved if you need roof repairs before installation and you have protruding vents.

If your roofer is unable to cover the exposed vent pipes, ask that they be replaced with solar-panel-coverable low-profile vent apertures. Make sure that your installer's quote includes the cost of any necessary vent relocations and roofing repairs.

References and Reputation

Examine the installation carefully by reading internet reviews left by past customers. The firms you are considering choosing to install your system should have no trouble giving you the names of happy clients who are eager to attest to their professionalism and knowledge.

As you compare installers, you should request examples of their communication and educational abilities.

Tips to Find the Right Solar Installer in Perth for Homeowners - In a Nutshell

This article will help you find the best solar company in Perth for installing a home solar system.


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