Asian Erotic Massage Chicago, Illinois- How to Experience Kama Sutra Pleasure and a Taste of the Exotic

on January 24 at 12:24 PM

Getting a Chicago body rub is like heaven on earth. It is a great way to unwind after a stressful day since it helps you relax and unwind. Even though there are many types of body rubs available, few can compare to the sensual Asian body rub. Incorporating tantric body rub techniques and the teachings of the classic Kama Sutra, the Asian erotic body rub is the ideal treatment for you and your lover.


The primary goal of Asian erotic body rubs is to locate the body's pleasure points. It is worth clarifying that we are not referring to the underground body rub joints that can be found in most major cities when we speak about Asian erotic body rub. There is no sex involved in this body rub, yet it will help you unwind just as well as any other kind of body rub.


Numerous publications have been written about the topic of Asian erotic body rub, and its history may be traced back thousands of years to China when it was employed as a kind of complementary therapy. The Chinese and people of Southeast Asia believed that there was a life force inside the body and that certain points on the body could be used to channel this energy. Naturally, they were also extremely sexual regions, and so the erotic body rub of Asia emerged.


Like tantric body rub, the trance-like state induced by the Asian erotic body rub may be quite restful. Some individuals report what seems like a state between sleep and wakefulness, in which they are aware of their surroundings yet have reached an almost subconscious state of awareness. The Kama Sutra functioned in the same way, leading its practitioners to a state of euphoria similar to that achieved via drug use while simultaneously opening their brains and energizing their spirits.


Like many other aspects of life in East Asia, the erotic body rub practiced there goes much beyond the normative definition of the term. It is a transcendental spiritual experience that realigns your Chi and makes you feel like you have entered another dimension. You may experience a level of intimacy with your lover that you never knew was possible with this body rub. In other words, this body rub goes above and beyond the call of duty. You would have to go through something like a trance to believe it.

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