What are the Fixation Methods for QuickBooks Error 9997?

on January 03 at 06:33 AM

Users can't sign into their QuickBooks online accounts due to QuickBooks Error 9997. This error completely prevents you from proceeding with any QuickBooks operations. Most users might consider the procedure to fix QuickBooks Error 9997 as a daunting task, but if you know the right set of troubleshooting steps, it's easy to uproot this error. So, stay glued to this article till the end.


What provokes QuickBooks error 9997?

  • Poor internet connection is the first cause.
  • Another reason could be an over-accumulation of temporary files in your system.
  • Your bank's website may not be accessible through QuickBooks because server maintenance is going on in the background.


Symptoms that come alongside Error 9997

  • You can't make transactions through QuickBooks Online, no matter how many times you try.
  • It takes a long time for your PC to respond to your inputs.
  • Another big sign of this error is that QuickBooks crashes all of a sudden.


Steps to rectify the QuickBooks online banking error 9997

Checkout these quick methods in order to rectify the banking error 9997:

Step 1: Change the File Extension

This error can sometimes be fixed by making changes to the file extension. Go to the company file and change the extension from .qbw to other extension. Then, check to see if changing the extension fixed QuickBooks error code 9997.


Step 2: Update your antivirus

You can also avoid this error by making sure your antivirus is up to date. Run a system scan right after. This will get rid of any viruses or other bad software on your PC. If a virus is found after the scan is done, move the infected file right away to the Quarantine folder.



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