Here's How You Can Organise Your Self-Storage Space Efficiently

on December 09 at 04:27 PM


Assume you see a weather forecast for freezing temperatures and realise you don’t have any cold-weather clothing. With the temperatures dropping and the wind howling, you make your way to your Cheap self storage Services unit and begin digging through boxes for your sweaters, coats, and boots.

Before you know it, a box stack has collapsed, half of your belongings are outside the storage unit, and you still need to find your boots. Imagine your dismay when you discover, a week later, that all of your holiday decorations and bakeware are also in storage.

How To Adjust Your Self-Storage Unit?

  1. Choose a single box size for the majority, if not all, of your items.

Boxes of the same size aid in stacking and accessibility. Most of your belongings will fit perfectly in Life Storage’s small or medium boxes. Remember that large boxes are great for light items but may need to hold up better at the bottom of large stacks. Large boxes are also more difficult to remove if you need something from them.


  1. Determine what items you may require access to while in storage

Things you use sparingly when packing may come in handy later. Consider what you might need while your items are in Extra space storage units Singapore, paying particular attention to seasonal items.

Here are a few items you may require from your storage unit:


  • Winter or summer attire
  • Travel supplies (tents, sleeping bags, snorkelling gear, sledges, cookout utensils)
  • Items for the holidays (decorations, costumes, bakeware)
  • Toys for children (kids may enjoy a “new” box of toys when they grow tired of the toys they held onto while packing)


  1. Each box you pack should be labelled.

Label each box with a unique box number, the room it came from, and the contents on the top and at least one side. Mark any boxes that you may need to access at some point during , and remember to put them in your storage unit last.




Most of us are fiercely protective of our belongings, especially those we treasure. As a result, when we move and don’t have enough space to store our belongings, most people prefer to rent storage space to keep them safe. However, store your items properly and orderly to avoid damaging some of them. You will also be unable to fully utilise the Storage space rental Singapore if you are disorganised.

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