Important Issues to Consider in Applying For a Spouse Visa 

on November 23 at 02:39 PM

Spouse visa processing is really a rather lengthy and complicated process that involves several steps. It must be ideally made via an authorized immigration law firm that's extensive experience with US immigration laws, policies, regulations and procedures. Normally, Visas are issued to those individuals whose spouses are US citizens.

The full time duration of  Visa - Spouse visa processing varies greatly on the basis of the applicant's circumstances, nationality and the concerned embassy. The complete process will require around 5 to 7 months. Incorrectly done forms and varying quantities of inefficiency of visa granting governmental agencies can lag the processing of the Visa - Spouse visa application. If your part of filing and submission of visa application is completed in the correct way and through proper channel, you can decrease the spouse visa processing time for you to a great extent.

Visa processing is generally performed at the concerned USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) office and at the Consulate. Before applying for the K3 Visa, an applicant must fulfill certain qualification requirements. They include:

This can be supported by submitting the first copy of the Marriage Certificate along with other documents. Another way of proving the marital relationship is by showing pictures or recorded videos taken during the wedding ceremony or the particular Marriage Registration. You have to manage to show exchange of correspondence such us letters, postcards, chats, emails, telephone bills, photos together and even receipts of money transfers. Plane tickets, boarding passes and hotel bookings can be used as proof showing that you've done things and traveled together. Both the applicant and sponsor must also write a letter about their relationship stating how and when the first meeting took place, how the relationship developed and express each eagerness and desire to be together to invest life together as family. Change of Conditions

2. The Sponsor's current Financial Position and Accommodation in the UK.

The UK Embassy in Bangkok and its commercial organization partner, VFS, will check if the sponsor has the ability to support the future spouse's remain in the UK without asking help from people funds. To affirm and establish this requirement, the sponsor must provide his/her latest six months bank statements, employment certificate, at the least 3 months recent pay slips, house title deed, mortgage or contract with the landlord. To strengthen this requirement, a photo of the sponsor's house in the UK (including every room) is really a must.


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