6 stylish ways to wear a Royal Blue Hoodie

on November 22 at 06:35 AM

As the colder days are coming in, it’s important to have some warmer wardrobe staples on hand. And a classic Royal Blue hoodie is an absolute must-have.

You can wear a hooded sweatshirt casually with jeans or combine for a layered look. No matter whether the hoodie has a zip, a seasonal colour or even a print, there are countless variations for everyone to find something that suits. Hoodies with prints or brand logos however, should generally to be worn with caution – this look is often questionable, as the elegant appeal can suffer. Plain black, navy or grey hoodies are definitely more timeless and can be combined to an infinite number of outfits.

Even though a hoodie on its own might not be considered the most trendy garment, it offers limitless possibilities for a stylish combination. Here we’ve summarised the six best ways to wear a hoodie:

  • Hoodie / Denim
  • Hoodie / Leather
  • Hoodie / Bomber
  • Hoodie / Jacket or Coat
  • Hoodie / Suit
  • Hoodie / Weekend Look

And we’ve featured a few of our favorite sustainable fashion brands along the way….


The denim jacket – just like the hoodie – stands for classic cool; this means that the combination of the two is not going to go out of fashion. With a washed-out denim jacket and a hoodie in neutral colors, you’ll never be wrong while also staying warm as the seasons change. For a classic laid-back look, combine this hoodie outfit with jeans and and some Vega sneakers. To give this outfit a wintery touch, consider dark jeans and a pair of Parabiont or Red Wing boots. If the climate isn’t quite right and you don’t want to miss out on this combination, even in deepest winter, you can simply pull a warmer jacket over the entire look and not only add a layer of warmth, but also an extra layer of style.

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