How can the problem of cell phone jammers interfering with campus broadcasting be solved?

on November 02 at 06:42 AM

In the CET-4 and CET-6 tests in colleges and universities, there will be listening test contents every year.Before the test starts, the test room turns on the cell phone signal jammer to interfere with the cell phone signal in the test scope to prevent candidates from using communication means to cheat in the test. Many schools responded that after turning on the cell phone jammer, campus broadcasting was disrupted to some degree. In some areas, the interference with the broadcast signal was severe. After turning off the cell phone WLAN jammer, the interference disappears. Let's Talk about the cause of it. The reason for the situation and how you can fix it.


First of all, campus radio is a kind of low-power FM radio.Many colleges and universities, middle schools and even Xiaoxue have now introduced a large number of campus FM radios to broadcast English programs or other programs, and the frequency range is usually between 76-88MHz. The signal emitted by the cell phone jammer has the same frequency as the white noise interference signal used by the cell phone.The lowest frequency band is the 700M radio and television 5G frequency band, which is not the same as the signal frequency of campus broadcast, and it can even be said to be very different.The reason why the campus broadcast signal is disturbed is probably because after the cell phone jammer is turned on, the ground noise in the test room is increased in some cases This ground noise drowns out the campus broadcast signal, so the broadcast signal is disturbed. So how to solve it?


  1. adjust the transmission frequency of the campus radio and perform an interference test to find out the use of the campus radio frequency band with the least interference.
  2. if it is impossible to find the campus radio frequency band with the least interference, the cell phone jammer should not be turned on during the listening test, and the signal jammer should be turned on after the listening test.


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