Advantages of the cell phone signal blocking system

on October 31 at 08:42 AM

Multiple cell phone signal jammers are installed in one unit. For managers, the daily management and inspection of cell phone signal jammers is also a time-consuming and tedious work. The management of the unit is smarter and these time-consuming and tedious tasks can be managed with the time and labor-saving cell phone signal shielding system.The cell phone signal shielding system has the following advantages. 

  1. the control function of multiple jammers for cell phone signals, including point-to-point switch control of all jammers in the jurisdiction via software and the ability to group multiple jammers, group names can be edited as you like, group control The function includes all jammers in the switching group and can also query the working status of the jammers in this group. And the cell phone signal shielding system can switch the jammer in time according to the set jammer switching schedule.By the way, different groups can have different timers, suitable for different application scenarios. 

Secondly, for the fault polling function of the cell phone signal jammer, the administrator can check the real-time working status of all the jammers by operating the software, and give feedback whether the jammer is faulty in real time. It can also realize independent detection, set the interval time of fault query, the system can automatically query the working status of all the jammers and make a detection log, which can show the fault time and fault status of the cell phone signal jammer. This is convenient: the administrator will be informed of the type of fault in time, prompting the administrator to fix it in time to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the system. 

Thirdly, it can adjust the transmission power of each output signal frequency band module of each cell phone signal shielding device.It can also be understood as adjusting the shielding area of the shielding device.This function is the most characteristic function in the system. This power adjustment function is required in some places, such as The place where multiple cell phone jammers are used in the unit has more or less impact on the surrounding residents. In this case, the function to adjust the transmit power of each module (adjusting the shielding area) is especially important. It can reduce the transmission power of the cell phone signal shielding module near the residential area and reduce the interference reduce the shielding device to the outside to a minimum, to ensure that the signal in the venue can be effectively shielded and minimize the disturbance to the outside world, killing two birds with one stone.


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