How does GPS work?

on October 25 at 10:44 PM

Using the mobile GPS or the car navigator to help us know where we are and how to get to a destination has become an everyday thing. But how does it work? In this article we are going to talk about the most basic things we need to know to understand how this technology that has made our lives so much easier works.


The first thing to know is that the GPS system consists of a total of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth in a stationary way, which emit signals to the Earth's surface that only our GPS receivers "understand".


In the signal sent by the satellites, there is a "message" that tells our GPS which satellite it is, the time that marks its atomic clock and information about the constellation of satellites.

What is all this data for?

The GPS system works by measuring the time it takes for a signal from a satellite to reach our GPS receiver. The basic idea for measuring the distance to a satellite is just the old "speed times time" equation, which we have all used at some point to know a distance traveled.


Based on the information received from the satellites, the GPS receiver synchronizes its clock with that of the satellites and calculates the time it takes to receive the signal from each of the satellites. In this way, our GPS receiver can measure how far it is from each of the satellites.

So how does my GPS receiver know where I am?

Now that we know the distances we are from each satellite, the method for calculating our position on the Earth's surface comes into play. This method is based on trilateration, in short, it uses the known locations of three or more reference satellites to obtain our position.


We hope that, with these basic notions, you understand in general terms how the GPS receiver of your cell phone and/or navigator tells you where you are and how to get to your destination.

Dangers of GPS

The criminals often use GPS to spy on people for selfish and criminal purposes. So sometimes it is important to know how you can suppress the GPS signal to be sure of your own safety. 


For this purpose, as a rule, is used gps blocker in The gps jammer will come in handy for those who assume or know for sure that they are being tracked by a gps tracker. Buy gps jammer means to disappear from the radars of those who would very much like to know where you are at the moment. The gps jammers block the signal in a certain radius around you from Glonass satellites, and allow you to move without fear that the gps tracker installed in your vehicle will determine your location and transmit the data to the monitors of observers.


Business cars of truckers and couriers are sometimes equipped with GPS trackers, which allow the employer to monitor the location of the employee. But you can protect yourself from such surveillance with an antitracker.


GPS-antitracker is a small device that is installed in the cigarette lighter of the car and blocks the signals of GPS and GLONASS satellites. Some antitrackers also include a GSM jammer.


GPS and GLONASS jammers are also used by car thieves to protect against tracking a stolen car.

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