How Does the Concept of Cloud Telephony Work?

on September 16 at 06:30 AM

Considering how quickly everything else is migrating to the Cloud, telephony is an obvious next step. Simply said, Cloud telephony entails hosting your PBX on the Cloud rather than at your physical location. Regarding Cloud Telephony technology and its benefits, there is much uncertainty. In addition, since governments have always had a hand in regulating the telecom industry, the regulations around cloud telephony services differ from one location to the next. To most people, hosted VoIP services are what the term "Cloud Telephony" refers to. Since Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is banned in India, traditional telephone networks are used to enable Cloud telephony there.


In our workplace, calls are routed via a private branch exchange (PBX), but with the advent of cloud telephony solutions, this is no longer necessary. In most cases, the PBX system is housed in a data center as part of a cloud telephony service. This implies that instead of handling company calls on-site (on-premise), PBX is hosted in the Cloud. Both incoming and outgoing calls may be handled using Cloud Telephony Service. In contrast, incoming calls are the focus in India. To make a call, one must first connect to a server in the Cloud. All users get access to premium functions like IVR and call recording without having to pay for expensive hardware. Call recording, interactive voice response, consolidated reporting, number masking, etc., are some of the most prominent benefits of Cloud Telephony services.


How Does a Cloud Telephony System Work?

The customer is not dialing a landline or cell number to reach you. However, they only use one of the listed numbers, which is a Cloud Telephony one. The company's complete phone infrastructure is being switched over to Cloud based communications. These days, Cloud Telephony service is one of the most effective technologies for improving the customer service experience. Cloud telephony is used by businesses of various sizes, from single offices to multinational conglomerates to contact and call centers.


Cloud Telephony Advantages

How does a phone system malfunction affect your business? According to our report, a lot may grow worse. 83% of organizations lost a client, missed a deadline, or fired an employee in 2019 owing to communication problems.


So what? We need technology to stay up with our dynamic, diversified job. Cloud telephony advantages may help you avoid losing a client, an employee, or your peace of mind due to communication issues.

1) Easy setup

Cloud telephony has no on-site infrastructure. This implies you may start within a few days, perhaps a day.

No need to wait for a technician, install phone lines, or hire a full-time staff to set up your new phone system. Cloud telephony service providers handle everything. You'll obtain virtual phone numbers and a dashboard to control the service instantaneously.

2) Reduce phone system costs

Cloud telephony saves money in several ways. Traditional phone bill savings might reach 65%. Cloud telephony eliminates maintenance contracts, restricted calling minutes, local and toll-free phone numbers, and commercial SMS services.

Cloud telephony service has no maintenance or bill surprises. If you're bootstrapped and want to start cheaply, utilize laptops with headsets and softphone software.

3) Strong calling capabilities

Not just paper-good features. Cloud telephony's advanced calling capabilities let you work smart, be successful, and prioritize responsibilities. Manual, repetitive jobs may improve teamwork and customer service.

Cloud telephony characteristics include:


  • Auto-attendant, which enables your caller to contact the proper team.
  • Inbound calls are forwarded depending on established parameters.
  • Advanced IVR allows for more conversational customer assistance.
  • Call forwarding to any desk or mobile phone.
  • Video conferencing and screen sharing are used in productive distant meetings. Toll-free numbers allow customers to call without incurring extra toll charges.
  • Local numbers to develop a local presence.
  • Secure call recording ensures better service.
  • HD audio and video call quality are included. This helps remote teams greatly. Poor conference calls are the worst.

4) Phone system adaptability

Cloud telephony simplifies growth. VoIP lets you add people with a few clicks.

Traditional PBX requires additional fees whenever a new employee needs a phone line. Wiring their desk phone takes time. An on-site phone system will slow your expansion and add expenditures.

A scalable cloud-based PBX is easy to administer. No, IT expertise is required. During the year's busiest seasons, you may quickly add and delete lines. A versatile system that can be readily customized can help you retain client experience.

5) Mobile

Long-term, companies are embracing remote employment. Hosted phone systems are the solution.

Your staff can access business phones wherever they have internet. They can check voicemail and modify call routing on the fly.

Cloud telephony service is perfect for businesses with remote workers, satellite offices, or several offices.

6) Integrated communications simplify work

Cloud communications store and access all data on one platform.

Using distinct systems for calls and meetings scatters notes and information. Notes, spreadsheets, Post-Its, notebooks, etc. Finding prior exchanges takes time and disrupts the flow.

Cloud telephony services unify user interfaces. You may interact with coworkers, manage clients, evaluate real-time data, gather comments, and advance projects.

You'll streamline your corporate communication routine and save time. No more interruptions or searching for information.

7) Resilience and dependability

Can you go without customers? What happens if the electricity grid fails? A wiring problem, overheating, or storm might ruin your communication and reputation.

Reliable cloud telephony solutions provide 99.999% uptime, so you can keep working. It features built-in redundancy, so your calls remain online, and you always have a backup.


Wrapping It Up

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