Top 5 Strategies for Saving Money on Food Shopping

on July 24 at 09:54 PM

Successful food shopping isn't as simple as flipping through the coupons handed out and yelling "Curtan...". It's not enough to roll a single cart and shout "Car-tan...". Car-tan... Ka-tan ... 'Ka-tan' the aisles. Coupons, such as "buy one get one free," have always been great for shopping. But there are some basic strategies for saving money well while shopping in the 21st century.

- Make a shopping list.

Go through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and make a list of basic foods. Buy only the foods listed. This way, you'll save time and be able to focus on what you need. Why? Food stores are designed to entice you to buy things you never intended to buy. Have you ever gotten home and pulled something out of your bag that you absolutely don't need, wondering why you bought it?

- Don't shop when you're hungry

Make sure you have a good meal before you go shopping. That way, you won't have to think about food and you can shop more cheaply. If you walk down the aisle with sweets when your blood sugar is low, your judgment may be affected. Brain chemicals take control and push you to satisfy your hunger. Later, you find yourself stuffing a bag of flour in your fist and wonder how that could happen.

- Get involved in a loyalty program for grocery stores in your area.

Grocery store loyalty programs help regular customers save money and plan their meals by providing them with the products they buy. A scannable discount card attached to a keychain can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on annual grocery purchases.

- Determine the best time to buy groceries

In the supermarket where I shop, the entire meat assortment is changed every Tuesday night starting at 6:00 pm. Check with the meat department manager at your supermarket, as this is often the case.

- Meal planning with Christmas sales in mind

Think of the holiday season as a sort of guide for your future purchases. At many stores that specialize in the holiday season, the shelves are filled with discounted items. You should be aware that during the holidays, grocery stores can make up for the discounts because of the high volume of sales.

  1. the day after Thanksgiving is a good time to buy frozen turkeys
  2. The day after the Fourth of July or Memorial Day is a good time to buy picnic and barbecue accessories such as hot dogs
  3. The day after Halloween is a great day to buy discounted chocolate. Yes, chocolate!

To survive in the modern world, you have to know how to shop sensibly. Be smart and savvy. Plan your outings and stick to your plan.

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