What Is a GPS Jammer? Four Point You Need to Know

on July 01 at 04:05 AM

Have you heard of a gps jammer? The term is relatively new but the technology has been here a while. We have all heard about how we can be located by our cell phones.

Some even swear our phones listen to our conversations. While that may be a joke, it might not be far from the truth in some ways. Have you ever talked about a product and then open your phone’s internet browser to find that same thing advertised?

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What Is a GPS Jammer?

Most people are more concerned about privacy and security these days. We turn on the news and hear how security breaches are rampant and that our data may not be safe. This is especially concerning in regards to our healthcare and financial information.

Now even our text messages and emails may not be safe from prying hackers. This is where GPS signal jammers may come in. A signal jammer blocks radio communications.

A device sends out radio signals at the same frequency as a GPS enabled device, thus producing the jamming effect. The device cannot determine the position of the other device. It is like a technological wall blocking your location.

The GPS jamming device is a small device that has a typical range of five to ten meters. It is illegal in a lot of places but can be bought online. Most require low power and can be plugged into a car cigarette lighter or USB port.

GPS jamming gadgets are affordable and easy to use. They are great for people concerned about GPS monitoring.

How GPS Works?

It is important to know that GPS systems are located in our cell phones. Most of us use cell phones and take them with us everywhere we go. GPS stands for Global Positioning System.

This means that by a method of using three points of geography, called triangulation, our location at any time can be found. This could be a good thing if we get lost but if we do not want to have our privacy breached it could be bad.

It may sound scientific but satellites orbiting the earth are used to help with these pinpoint locations. GPS works all by using satellite radio signals. Many cars now have GPS navigation systems that use this technology.

It can be convenient when taking a road trip or finding the shortest route to a destination. It is also good when you get lost and need to find an alternate path to where you need to go.

GPS Jammer Use

If GPS navigation is so helpful, why do people want a GPS scrambler or any type of gps jammer gadgets? While there are some good reasons for GPS signal jammers, some people misuse the technology.

There have been cases of truck drivers using these to keep fleet management at bay. Many truck driving companies use GPS systems to monitor the behavior of their drivers and track their locations. If a driver does not want to get tracked, he may use a GPS jamming device to prevent it.

Some people find that they have purchased a car that has GPS monitoring and they do not trust it. It can be hard to find and disconnect so sometimes they buy a GPS jammer to combat the monitor.

Many of us want our privacy. A GPS jammer helps block out unwanted detection of where you are at any given time. Some people are afraid to use a GPS jammer because they think it will block emergency calls but this is not the case.

You can use a GPS signal jammer and still make calls for emergencies. You and your loved ones will not be at risk of not being able to call for help.

Do You Need One?

While this is something only you can answer if you are concerned about maintaining your privacy you may benefit from a GPS jammer. Many drivers use them to keep their managers from knowing their every move. It is not only about the location but about the feeling that your privacy is being stolen.

Many of us take our privacy seriously and want to work knowing that there is not someone checking up on us every minute of the day. A lot of people simply want to be left alone to do what they need to do and not be monitored during the process.

As mentioned, some cars now have GPS navigation and location services installed in them when we buy them. We are not asked if we want it in the car. Many people are uncomfortable with this so they use a GPS signal jammer to combat the monitor already installed.

Since GPS is on most cell phones, you can use a map application for navigation if you would like to. You do not have to use a pre-installed navigation and monitoring system. A cell phone jammer comes in handy in this situation.

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