Cell phone signal jammers keep the exam room in order

on June 20 at 10:32 AM

The mobile cell phone jammer system is a professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of prisons and detention centers, which puts forward higher requirements for mobile phone signal shielding technology. Mobile phone signals may vary greatly at different times. Detention centers and prisons are generally designed according to the requirements of the highest signal time, plus this power redundancy, which is competent in high-reliability and confidential occasions to ensure stable and effective shielding effect. Such shielding requirements It is strictly shielded, and it runs continuously 24 hours a year. For such high-demanding special occasions, the purpose of establishing a high-quality mobile phone signal jammer system is to ensure safety and development. Now many schools are busy preparing for the examination room. This is because the most important examination of the year, the college entrance examination is coming soon. Facing this most important exam, many schools are actively preparing what is needed in the exam room, ensuring the normal order of the exam room and meeting the basic needs of the exam room. As a means of signal cheating, they even purchased an exam signal jammer as a countermeasure.

As a super loudspeaker, the signal jammer releases a "noise signal" so loud that your phone "can't hear clearly", and the "mouth" can't shout a louder "sound" than the shield jammer. To put it simply, the working principle of the signal jammer is not to block the mobile phone signal, but to block the mobile phone signal. It is equivalent to burying useful electromagnetic wave signals in a large number of useless signals, so as to achieve the purpose of interfering and blocking mobile phone signals. Although a mobile phone is a wireless communication device used wherever it goes, there is actually an invisible line dragging it, which is the communication base station built by the operator. Whether our mobile phone is making a call or receiving a call, the first step is to establish a connection with a nearby communication base station. This is why not only the test takers in the test room are blocked by the signal jammer, but the wireless signals around the test room are also interfered, which seriously affects the normal communication use of users in the surrounding area of the test room, resulting in the inability to make and receive calls, Internet access, information sending and receiving unsuccessful, etc. Therefore, once again, a warm reminder, for the flowers of the motherland, please be patient for two days.

WiFi Jammers Reduce Exam Cheating

Portable jammer

Today's society is developing faster and faster, the most obvious is the progress of science and technology. It is inevitable that the 4G era will replace the past 3G and 2G. Now 4G is not hot, and 5G is emerging again. However, 4G signals still exist as the mainstream. So, can the WiFi signal jammer in the exam room block the 4G signal? This is a very critical question. In fact, the new test room wifi jammer on the market have been upgraded, and shielding 4G signals is almost standard. However, some of the cheaper test room signal blockers on the market can only block 2G or 3G signals. When many companies have not yet produced WiFi jammers, they have already begun to prepare. Another possibility of cheating in the examination room has been reduced. Although, other companies in the back have begun to follow their example. But so far, they are indeed the leader in this industry in the country. As long as the customer needs it, we will work out a layout plan for the WiFi jammer in the examination room, which is truly considerate and reassures the customer.

Generally, it is used in a small open area, which is just enough to meet the size of a classroom. However, if it is required to pass through the wall, there will be no shielding effect after actually passing through the wall. Therefore, if you choose a low-power test signal jammer, try your best to Do not go through the wall, each teacher can be equipped with one, and if you choose a high-power one, one machine can satisfy several classrooms. Generally speaking, there are still many questions about the purchase of test gps jammer . This is a manufacturer with a first-class team for technical support and many years of experience in research and development of test signal jammers. It has received many cooperative customers. It is highly praised, and it is trustworthy for eliminating the phenomenon of electronic cheating in the examination room. Now many college entrance examination rooms have a mysterious machine installed. Everyone is talking about what role does this have? Through interviewing the person in charge of the school, we learned that this is a device called an examination signal blocker, which can effectively isolate the electronic Signals, including mobile phone communication signals and WIFI signals, can be completely isolated. It is the best weapon to deal with the electronic signal cheating methods that cannot be afforded today. Now it is a must-have machine in every examination room.

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