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on May 16 at 01:00 PM

One of the best ways to travel through Egypt is with a cruise along the Nile, taking in the sights as you go. You can start your trip in Aswan and head south towards Luxor where you'll find the Valley of the Kings and fascinating temple complex at Kom Ombo.

Dahabiya Style

Travelling the Dahabiya travel holiday is a very unique opportunity. This is an elegant, colonial style sailing boat that was originally used to transport wealthy Europeans across the water in the early nineteenth century. Your Dahabiya will normally stop off on the way so you can take in the impressive temples and excavations, including those that are slightly off the usual tourist trails.

Felucca Trip

One of the most fascinating ways to cruise the Nile is on a traditional felucca boat. This wooden sail boat has a large white sail and floats effortlessly through the river waters. Often on the Felucca cruise, you can sleep our on deck, listening to the gentle sounds of the water and wind in the sail as you sleep. You'll probably travel from Aswan to Luxor where you can see the temple ruins at Kom Ombo and Valley of the Kings, before you head to the Red Sea for a spot of diving.

Cruise Trip

Another way to travel down the Nile is on one of the larger cruise ships, usually adding in a few more nights than the other tours and including visits to some of the most impressive historic sights. Many of the trips start in Aswan and head downstream towards Luxor. The big cruise boats on the Nile cruise trip also have space to sunbathe on deck and a swimming pool, comfortable cabins and good food.

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