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 Coinpot is a multi wallet that allows you to receive some bitcoin from websites called bitcoin faucets. These bitcoin faucets allow you to get free bitcoin every 5 minutes so you can come back to these websites, input your bitcoin address and click claim. You instantly recieve a small amount of free bitcoins and it is sent to your wallet. It really adds up more and more with a 1% bonus added daily which means you can get upto 100% bonus is 100 days of logging in and not missing a day. If you share the link and refer your friends you will earn a bonuses each time they claim some free bitcoin. 

First you need Coinpot Wallet you get it here 
moondoge, moonlite, moonbtc, moonbc, moondash


Then when you register to the links below use the same email you signed into Coinpot.   
1. Bitcoin BTC -> CLICK HERE



 5. Litecoin LTC-CLICK HERE
6. Dashcoin DASH-> CLICK HERE
 7. BitcoinCash  BCH-> CLICK HERE

      Make sure you claim at least twice a day to get loyalty bonus for each of these sites above. You also get a mystery bonus, offer bonus and mining bonus. Referral bonus is an option too.

Collect faucets from each site above and accumulate satoshis in coinpot wallet directly. You can convert satoshis in one type into other easily in coin wallet and can withdraw to any wallet once it reaches limit. Withdrawal limit 0.0001 btc, 50 DOGE, 0.002 ltc, 0.0002 dash, 0.0001 bch. 

Two Other faucet sites that are really good too.
1. Bitcoin -> Click Here  Hint: If you use multiplier use manual. Start at 10 satoshi start at hi. Continue with hi until you lose then double the amount then hit low. Double every time on low until you win. then reset back to 10 satoshi and start all over back with hi. Don't go over 1280 satosihi. Just stop. You can lose your satoshi really quick. Just win so much like 1000 or 2000 satoshi and stop for the day.     
2. Dogecoin -> Click Here Repeat the same as above when using the multiplier.
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How to Earn Free Bitcoin BTC, Dogecoin DOGE, Dashcoin DASH, Ripples XRP, Litecoin LTC, Bitcash BCH, Ethereum ETH, etc. Without any Investment. Free Cloud Mining Websites of 2018. Bonus cloud mining power. Daily free faucets.

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