Christmas Ads - Place Them Effectively to Boost Sales

on April 18 at 11:59 AM

On Christmas everybody tries to do his or her best for celebrating the occasion with pomp and grandeur. For this very tendency there is always be a high flow of money to almost all sorts of businesses. Similarly, businesses have to reach people who are in search of their products or services. Now the question is how to present Classified ads Japan to that large number of people? The only way out is Christmas ads. Why the word "Christmas" is attached? Why not ads? Simply because on this occasion people would like to know specialties from you and in your ads those specialties (new products or service, offers and discounts) needed to be infused with Christmas spirits - adding Christmas hues, symbols etc! This is why Christmas ads are different from common promotional ads.

In every aspect you have to find out ways so that people understand the connection of your products or services with Christmas. The more attractive your ads are to grab the attention of people; more is the chance of making business out of it! You have to think innovative to match your products or services with the Christmas symbols - candy cane, pine tree, ringing bells, Santa, mistletoe, tinsel and others. Hopefully you have understood the specialties of Christmas ads.

Again it is very important that your products or services are coming in the notice of thousands! But it may be tough for your budget to go for extensive marketing campaign! You may hardly think of spending lots of money on bigger ad campaigns like Google AdWords! What is the solution then? Simply you can choose popular web directories! Generally the directories offers you targeted locations and places so that your ads come in the notice of specific people in search of your product or services you are dealing with.

Now depending on your budget or sense of priority you have to take the wise decision in showing your Christmas ads in some popular web directories. However, it is your duty to make sure that you are choosing directories that have greater number of traffic flow.

Now we may have a look on the placements of Christmas ads in directories so that the ads gather more attention and help in generating better revenue:

Premium ads: In almost all the directories you are going to find out this sort of ads. Generally the directories offer large banners to be shown in these ads. Some accept the use of images, animations while some allow the blinking texts. Basically the directories place these ads in highlighted manner and people are bound to find these Christmas ads.

Header or footer ads: Similarly you may find some of the directories are offering the header positions to show the ads (text links + banners). It is fact that headers get the most attention and in most cases headers remain same site-wide. Similarly footer ads can also grab attention as in most of the cases the pages are long and people in the middle or nearer to the footer always tend to go by it for getting the menus (same as it will be found in the header). So your Christmas ads on footer can also act as a great marketing tool.

Ads on side panels: In most of the directories you will find side-panels to show descriptive ads. In other time of the year any sort of text links are displayed as "related" or "relevant" tag. But on the Christmas occasion you may find directories showing these positions with greater emphasis. You may avail these positions to show your Christmas ads. In these places you can use the power of word (compact and concise text with marketing flavor).Generally these ads do not change with the change of page content. So these ads are not only less costly, they provide better exposure!

Ads on individual pages: Last but not the least, get a choicest page to display your Christmas ads. In most of the cases these ads does not bear regular renewal of subscriptions while the place of these ads are almost permanent. Now you must be thinking how then you are to put there your "Christmas ads"? Choose a directory that provides option of changing your ad for two or three times free of cost! So, earn good return if you can put text or graphics having attractive attitude.

Well, above was just some position to showcase your Christmas advertisements in most of the popular directories! As have been said earlier, it is up to you in selecting the ad position, obviously according to your budget. One more thing you must remember that the content of the Christmas ads have to be juicy for attracting the eyes of the directory visitors. And to reach the best point of attraction, the ads (may be banners with text or images) need to be designed by best of designers from the industry.

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