Painting a Room for a Mood

on March 24 at 06:00 PM

When you want to change up the feel of your house, switching up the paint colors can be a great way to express your creativity and experiment with some new looks. However, you should know there are some general rules when it comes to colors that may help you decide what colors should go where.


Colors are often associated with moods and you don’t want to paint your bedroom something energizing if you need it to calm down and you don’t want to paint your living room something dramatic or stately if you want it to be a place where you can relax and socialize.


Here we will go over a few of the basic moods associated with the most basic color choices and where they might be best used. Of course, you know your house best and the vibes you want to go for, so use these as guidelines rather than rules. This paint store in Toronto will have lots of available colors and swatches to choose from.





White is a classic and of course pairs with most things and color schemes. Be sure to check what the undertones are however since there are warm whites and cool whites. White is clean, pure, and fresh.




Blue is a favorite since it is a color that is very calming, making it great for use in bedrooms and living spaces. Be wary of using pastel blue, however, since that can cause the opposite effect and make a room seem chilly and uncomfortable.




Green is a color that makes one think of the outdoors. It is fresh and as a color is very easy on the eyes. It creates a mood that is restorative, calming, and that encourages composure.




Yellow is an invigorating color, great for bathrooms and kitchens that get a lot of natural light. It creates energy and brightness the mood of any space.  




Purple creates a mysterious aura. It can be luxurious, romantic, dramatic, and can stimulate creativity.




Brown is a color of homeyness and safety. It can be a bit more challenging to coordinate with other colors and shades of brown or wood, but when done successfully creates a mood of security, comfort, safety, that is rich and cozy.




Pink is a calming color and can be a great choice for kids' rooms. It creates moods of kindness, calm, love, and playfulness.




Red is a fairly aggressive color, best used in moderation and in spaces that are meant to be lively. It is a socializing color, not a relaxing color.




Lastly, there is black. Black is the color of sophistication and can create a room with a lot of drama and flare. It is great for contrasting, though as a very dominant color it should be used carefully.

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