10 Best Live Chat Plugins for Your WordPress Website in 2022

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The main reason for this is that customers want their questions to be answered immediately, and delayed responses can lead to lost sales. Join live chat on your favorite channel. According to an eConsultancy report, live chat satisfaction is the highest among customer service channels at 73%, compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone. Reach out to us if you want to get an engaging website build by one of the leading web development company delhi india

Website live chat plugins help businesses respond instantly to user queries and convert them to paid customers. WordPress chat plugins have a significant impact on online sales and marketing. A positive live chat experience can help customers make purchase decisions effectively. What is a live chat plugin? Why do you need it? 

The WordPress live chat plugin is one of the best ways to give your customers real-time access to your support team. This allows users to connect to the Human-Agent instantly. Chat plugins can create an impressive and excellent customer experience essential to attracting customers, keeping them loyal, and creating more sales opportunities. When your existing and potential customers browse your website, it's clear that they are asking some questions and immediately seeking help. The WP Chat Plugin is the best way to show that you value your time by providing real-time support options. 

Companies use chat plugins for the following powerful benefits: 


Reduce Cart Abandonment – 63% of customers are more likely to return to a site that offers live chat. Online chat is one of the most preferred channels, so implementing a live chat plugin can reduce shopping cart abandonment by providing real-time sales support. 

Improving online conversions – Companies need to process sales requests quickly to make quick decisions. Website chat plugins help sales teams target to reach and increase conversion rates. Providing real-time support-Instant resolution is the best solution and the most crucial factor in achieving a great customer experience. By investing in the WP Chat Plugin, you can provide instant support as your customers demand. 

Improve Customer Loyalty – Live chat plugins for websites provide instant response to sales or support requests and build customer loyalty for agents to have a great experience with all customer interactions. Allows you to change. 

The main features you're looking for in the WordPress live chat plugin 

There are certain features to consider when looking for WordPress chat plugins. Chat plugins available on the market are designed with specific goals that stand out. Therefore, it is essential to outline your top priorities and business needs. If you're having trouble choosing the right chat plugin, check out our popular plugin reviews. Did you know that you can take your business to the next level just by building an interactive and engaging website? Code Craft Crew is the perfect platform for you as we are the web development services delhi

AI automation 

Live chat is a communication channel that recommends instant support ands to reach customers 24/7. Chat plugins solve common questions and significantly reduce the number of support tickets to help businesses provide affordable services. 

Report and analysis 

Reporting and analysis are essential for the WP Live Chat plugin as they provide a transparent overview of business performance. It provides insights into customer sentiment to help product development, sales, marketing, and service decisions.  

Live engagement 

Customer interaction with visual engagement tools is another important feature of the WP chat plugin for websites. This helps agents collaborate with customers, provide real-time help, and enable initial contact with personalized conversations.  

Agent productivity 

The best live chat plugin for WordPress needs to provide data-driven feedback to agents. You need to have advanced features such as automatic chat routing, boilerplate replies, and tags. This speeds up support and increases team productivity.  

10 Live Chat Plugins Great for WordPress (WP) Websites 

Each chat plugin is different and offers its functionality. Make sure the chat plugin you choose matches your business and customer needs. This plugin aims to make it easier to manage live chat conversations while improving response time. 

REVE Chat 

REVE Chat is an omnichannel live chat platform for real-time sales and customer support using AI-powered chatbots. This helps to pre-certify leads on all channels and provide 24/7 support without loss of humanity. REVE Chat's Live Chat plugin for WordPress includes a complete toolkit of live engagement tools such as co-browsing and video chat to speed up resolutionyour first contact resolutionyour first contact resolution across your favorite channels. Provides an omni-channel messaging experience. 


Intercom, a popular casual relationship platform, offers a live chat website plugin. This helps businesses strengthen their customer relationships through instant messaging and live chat. With the help of business messengers and conversational support funnels, we can provide large-scale, top-notch support. 


Drift is a conversational marketing tool that helps generate leads and provide online support. They believe in conversational marketing that allows consumers to interact with your brand in real-time and help you generate more sales (conversational lead generation forms are traditional on websites). Replace the state).


Olark offers the best live chat service to attract website visitors and customers in real time. It's a great tool for sales and support teams to increase sales, solve problems, and understand their customers. Respond instantly to customer demands and gain actionable insights into what your customers want in a lasting relationship. 


Chaport is a WP live chat plugin for WordPress that offers a permanently free plan with unlimited chat, history, unlimited registered operators, and notifications. There's also a live chat app for mobile devices, a stunning multilingual chat widget, and the reports and analytics you need to keep your customer support team up-to-date. 


LiveChat is a popular messaging application that integrates into your website to instantly answer sales and support inquiries. LiveChat's WordPress plugin makes it easy to integrate your website into your solution. The chat window is also friendly and simple. However, keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the number of agents in your team. is an agent-centric website live chat app for communicating with visitors. This helps businesses set up a help center to monitor and chat with  visitors to their website, respond to support tickets, and  help their customers help themselves.  



Formilla is an excellent freemium live chat solution. It offers a professional chatbox, over 1000 integrations with third-party apps, and an internal messenger for support staff. Impressive features include proactive chat, offline email forms, and chat queues when the operator is busy with other requests. 



Chatra's live chat solution enables businesses to increase sales, answer questions, address concerns, and place orders for visitors. By identifying issues, collecting contact information, and better understanding your customers, you can help us collect actionable feedback to improve your business.


Pick the Best WordPress Chat Plugin for Website

Each company has different requirements. Discover the key features of the best live chat plugins for WordPress to help you connect with your customers in real-time and provide them with a great live chat experience. 


Undoubtedly, the WP Live Chat plugin is the best way to reach customers looking for support, provide a way to solve the problem yourself and provide access to the support funnel in a controllable way. It's one. When it comes to choosing the right solution,  good all-round options can impact your business growth. Get in touch with us if you want the best web development services in Delhi


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