What Should I Ask Before Renting an Apartment?

on March 09 at 05:42 PM

It is a good idea for a tenant to spend some time with their potential landlord before they sign a lease. While the landlord is taking time to run a background check and make sure that you are going to be a good tenant, you can take the time to interview them as well. This will ensure that you feel confident in working with the landlord and that the apartments will be taken care of well the entire time you live there.



Before you move in, it is a good idea to talk with the landlord and get all of your questions answered. Renting a new apartment of any kind can be a weighty decision and there are a lot of unknown factors. Any question that you have about the apartment is something that you should try to bring up with the landlord while you are discussing the terms of the lease and looking around the apartment.



If you are uncertain about which questions that you should be asking your landlord, a few of the best options to consider include:


# How long is the term of the lease that we will be signing? Most will be one year but some will offer discounts for longer?


# What is the date that the rent is due and which method of payment is preferred? Some like it by check and others may have an online portal to help.


# Are you able to fix any item that is damaged in the apartment? If you move in and find that there is severe damage or something breaks, you want a landlord who will come to fix it.


# Where are the emergency exits to the property and who should I contact if they are needed?


# Are any utilities included in the rent and if not, who do I pay for them? This is important if there is more than one utility company in town.


# Are pets allowed in the apartment?


# Can I redecorate any part of the apartment?


# what are some of the terms of the lease? Always read through this ahead of time, no matter what you and the landlord discussed, to make sure that it is all put in.



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