Finally Found a Play to Earn Game I Can Enjoy!!!

on February 16 at 05:05 PM

Okay here's a freewrite article about the new game I'm playing. So happy I found one that doesn't make me feel left out of the loop anymore. ???? Good thing I saw it at the other site I used to regularly write on. Someone wrote about this game woohoo! Too bad there are no referral system, I think, but hey I'm still sharing here!

Now if only I can still play this game even while at work soon. I need to get a certain XP level until end of the month otherwise I might not qualify to get the free tokens. Haha.

So far I am enjoying the game. I used to play a different tower defense game on my phone. I've already finished it so it's been a while since I played something like this. Oh I even started playing Lords Mobile on my computer before discovering Crazy Defense Heroes. ????

What's not to like? It's cute and has a fun gameplay. If you enjoy tower defense games too then just install this via Google Play. ????

It's a card game that you can still play using characters. I like this kind of combo gaming. I am used to tower defense games so this one is right up my alley. Haha. Nevermind the card thingies, I can just play to my heart's content.

The good thing about this game is I can get some TOWER tokens soon. No I don't wanna buy. Still striving to get the airdrop instead. Haha. This is one airdrop that I am hoping to get tokens! ???? If only I reach the required points. Haha.

Players need to reach the 275,000 XP until the end of October in order to get a shared reward pool of 1,000,000 TOWER tokens. Omg I don't know if I'll make it. Haha. As of this writing I am on the way to the 15,000 XP mark. ???? I just started 2 weeks ago. Do you think I can make it before Oct. 31? ????

Too bad it's data dependent so you can't play it offline. Everything should be done while online. Shucks. Maybe I am just wasting my time chasing some TOWER tokens huh? ????

So far I am enjoying it but kinda losing hope with the XP requirement. ???? I don't have all the time in the world. Haha. Omg.

At least the gameplay is fun. Plenty of things to do. There are quests, missions, free chests and of course the main towers that need to be defeated. Everything is just cute.

It's not your typical play to earn game though. You don't need to spend crypto in order to take any action. I just like that it's offering tokens to earn by reaching a certain XP level.

Unfortunately I don't have access to WiFi here where I am doing my on-the-job-training. Too bad there's no free here at the boarding house. There's free WiFi at work but I wasn't aware until the afternoon. And I was too busy working to even need WiFi. Haha. Next time I will see if I can use it so I can play the game during my free time.

I still have to buy a sim for better data. Or I dunno might just put my other sim in my main phone. ???? Seriously it's just anything goes for the meantime. Will try to play it again tomorrow during free time. Haha. As if I can meet the required level. ????

Anyway, how about you? Have you played this game yet? If not then come on and Join Us!




P. S. You have to connect your wallet (like Metamask) to the game website and link your account to get tokens. That's required so you will receive such when XP is reached.

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All images are screenshot from the mobile game Crazy Defense Heroes.


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