Pastel Owlet - 6 Pages Quiet Book

on January 06 at 01:27 PM

Pastel Owlet Quiet Book for children is an educational toy & gifts to promote fine motor skills in children from 1 year.

"One, two, three, four cornerstone, everything must be hidden!", the little owl calls and opens first one eye, then the other. Weren't there five ladybirds just now, not four? I wonder where the fifth one is? Come on, let's keep looking! The cow is hiding behind the bush, the pig behind the barn door, the dog behind the garden fence. Have you found the chick yet?

Playfully, your child will match colors and shapes and train his dexterity in using zippers, buttons and magnets. With a colorful train, we take a trip through the countryside and visit the farm, where seven animals are waiting as finger puppets to tell stories with us. Many lovely details encourage logical thinking and an understanding of quantities, numbers and relationships. What is the opposite of night? What is the opposite of small? And how many ladybirds have room on the flower?


Pastel Owlet - 6 Pages Quiet Book

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