New Covid Rules for Workplaces in the UK

on January 05 at 03:23 PM

The UK government told the workplaces to plan for working with 25% less staff due to a higher increase in the Omicron cases. The ministers are planning to implement robust contingency plans for workplaces. As the government is advised to work with a quarter of less staff at work.


The Cabinet also added that public sectors should be ready for up to 25% absence rates, BBC reported. The country has seen record numbers of daily Omicron and coronavirus cases in the festive week. On the Christmas weekend, the UK reported more than 1,00,000 new cases a day.


The NHS and hospitals have seen a spike in staff absences. In addition, the Transport recorded more than 20% less staff due to increased rates of infection. Large numbers of public sector staff are self-isolating themselves and not coming to work. Industries unable to work from home have seen a decrease in the number of people coming to work, which affected their overall business. 


Cabinet Minister Steve Barclay chaired a meeting regarding how to control the new variant Omicron and increased cases of coronavirus in the country. He also added in the meeting that how lesser staff are affecting workforces and supplies in the country.


PM Boris Johnson asked the ministers of respective sectors to be ready with contingency plans to avoid disruption in the workforce and supply chains.


The ministers added that in the coming weeks, all sectors will see a steep decline in the number of people coming to work. The Omicron dominance in the country will lead to higher absences in the staff of the public sectors. 


On the contrary, the minister's department told BBC that the disruptions caused due to Omicron has been controlled in most sectors. 


Currently, people who tested positive with Covid have to self-isolate them for at least 7 days in the three UK nations. Scotland set the self-isolate period for 10 days.


Vaccinated people in the UK have to self-isolate themselves for 10 days. for more visit Sleeping Pill UK

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