How to Make a Spooky Stitch for the Halloween Party

on December 23 at 05:43 PM

If you're throwing a Halloween party for your kids this year, as I did for my sister, you've probably been thinking about the details for a while. No? but we love Halloween.


That's why I'd like to share with you some of my ideas for throwing a unique and fun Halloween party.


The idea came to me when I was making a fruit salad for a family barbecue. Everything went well, but when it came time to add the basket of lychees to the salad, I shook my head. Is it just me or do they look like eyeballs? Transparent, white, slimy fruit is not good!


Then an idea came to me. What if this year, for Halloween, we made a spooky fruit punch with eyeballs in it?


So, after wolfing down our burnt burgers, we grabbed our pens and notepads and started brainstorming. As soon as we had a plan in mind, we put it into action. This is how we did it.


Start by getting a large plastic bowl (preferably in a Halloween color, like orange or green). This will be your punch bowl.


Next, add a bottle of sparkling apple juice. Since candied apples are so popular on Halloween, I thought it was the perfect fruit to use as the main flavoring for this spooky bowl (you can of course use cider for an adults-only version).


Next, add a bottle of unsweetened cranberry or raspberry juice. It's important to use a juice that is a bright red color. Use unsweetened juice as well, because after a while you will be adding a very sweet treat to the punch. Try also: Best Lychee Juices


Add red food coloring. It's only about a tablespoon, but it really helps to get a bright blood-red color.


Now it's time for the fun part. Fill your cookie cutters with Halloween candy. When making the cookie cutters, choose from the many products available at the supermarket that you and your kids like the most. In our house, Haribo's Holiday Mix is our favorite!


At this point, your tampon should really look scary. Lots of creepy-crawly animals are resting at the bottom of the bowl. Time to add some lychees to make it even better. You can find them in most supermarkets and organic stores, so why not buy some when you buy the pumpkin?


Now for the finishing touch. We had the idea of buying ice cube molds with Halloween designs. But I wanted something more original to complement the punch bowl. Instead of buying individual ice cubes, I bought baking molds in the shape of a large skull. I filled the molds with lemonade, drizzled them with lime liqueur to turn the liquid green, and froze them. There's nothing scarier than a human skull floating in a blood-red punch bowl.


Put the frozen skull in the punch to cool so you can serve it.


Serving tips


1) Why not use a glass instead of a goblet or regular glass to serve the punch? This gives the whole bowl a gothic theme.

2) Another way to brighten up your bowl is to decorate your punch bowl. Since you're using a plastic bowl, a black oil-based marker is all you need. I painted a black spider web on my bowl, but the possibilities are endless.

3) Paint the edge of the glass you are using with lime to give it a special touch. Then add colored sugar or lollipops to the rim. Pour the punch and add a sprig of licorice. The punch is now a Halloween cocktail!




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