Keep Your Office Healthy During Flu Season with Cleaning Services

on December 16 at 09:38 AM

Flu season is in full swing and pathogens seem to be spreading everywhere, including offices. Each year, workers get sick an average of 50 million times. Hiring the right cleaning services in Sydney can help your employees stay healthy in the office. Without professional cleaning, there are four main factors that can lead to office illness.


Not using disinfectants

It's not just the amount of work involved in cleaning, but also the tools used for cleaning that can determine whether or not an office is a safe place to work. A tea towel can contain up to 4 billion germs, so wiping it down is not enough. A good cleaning service uses quality cleaning products to remove germs that cannot be removed with soap and water.


Less frequent cleaning

There are places in the office where our hands are used often. Desks, phones, keyboards and other personal items can't all be cleaned by a cleaning service. Our hands spread germs quicker than anything else. To keep your office healthy, it's important that your cleaning company regularly cleans common nasty areas like door handles and light switches.


Avoid wiping dust in popular areas.

Dust can easily accumulate in areas where people come and go, such as under a refrigerator lid or under a desk. Dust is not only annoying, it also attracts germs that settle on surfaces and can spread with the rising dust. If these areas are left unattended for a long period of time, mold and mildew can even form, which can be a great danger in an office. Not all cleaners have a keen eye for detail, but a company can't afford to ignore dust in an office. Visit here also: Best Sofa cleaning in Crows Nest


Don't scrub the floor

The floor is an area that never gets enough attention, although mold from shoe soles is a daily occurrence in offices. Not only do dirty floors attract attention, but they can also become a breeding ground for viruses, especially if they are damp or dusty. In winter more than any other season, snow, dirt, and germs can enter the office. By keeping your office floors clean, you can create a healthier workplace from the start.


The average worker spends 40 hours a week in the office. With so many employees working in one room, the best way to protect everyone's health and well-being this flu season is to hire a Clean Couches Sydney cleaning company.

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