What is Achar?

on November 30 at 02:58 PM

When you are looking for a unique gift that is sure to get the attention of those around you and can fill their hearts and kitchens with joy, then you may want to consider a unique gift like Achar. This may not be something that you are that familiar with, unless you know a lot about Hindi, but it is delicious and tasty and will soon be something that you want to add to your own kitchen in the process.


To start, we need to learn what Achar is all about. Achar is simply a Hindi word for pickle. It is usually found in reference to pickled fruits and vegetables and that is what you will find when it is time to purchase some Achar for yourself or someone else. These pickled produce are often an important component of cuisine in other nations because it will ensure that the shelf life of that product will be longer than before.


When you purchase Achar in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, it will often be an assortment of vegetables, fruits, and spices. There is often some kind of oil that is added in because this makes a great preservative to the mix. Water can be used, but oil is better for maintaining some of the tastes that you want out of Achar and can make it work better for some of the cooking that you would like. These pickles are often available in many markets, though there are some great recipes that you can make on your own from home.


You may also find that different areas of the world will make their own style of Achar, so you may need to experiment to see what kind is best for you. Depending on the region, you may find that Achar is spicy or sweet. Keep in mind that it is going to be eaten along with other dishes, including curries and breads, to add a bit more flavor to the meal. It is possible for anything to be pickled, form carrots to mangos, though options like garlic, cauliflower, ginger, lime, onion, and green onions are popular options. It is not uncommon to see a mixture of vegetables and fruits added to the Achar.


When you are looking to get some of the best Achar around, you need to make sure you find a company who is able to get it done well for you. Achar is a specialized recipe that can be hard to make on your own if you are not used to it. With the right mixtures and the best in fresh produce, Achar can be a great addition to all of your meals.


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