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The summer is over and with it the season on the Baltic Sea? Not at all. When it gets cooler, there are still a few really relaxing days on the coast. That is why you should enjoy September, October and November by the sea and take a vacation in Scharbeutz, Timmendorfer Strand and Co. We have a few valuable tips for a great autumn holiday in the Baltic Sea. What is there to discover? And what can you do on the coast? A little experience report about the late summer and autumn by the sea.

Whether on foot, on bike, on horseback or on the surfboard: a Baltic holiday in autumn is anything but boring. Also in this season counts the Baltic Sea coast to the best Destinations in Germany, Sure, the days are getting cooler and shorter, the leaves are turning yellow and the wind is freshening up. But it's also the time to breathe, because the air is not so humid and sticky anymore. In addition, it is not as crowded everywhere as in the world midsummer, And there are more than enough options at this time of the year Activitiesto spend an unforgettable Baltic Sea holiday in the fall. Holiday in your own country is more and more a big one travel theme and the Baltic coast is increasingly turning into a year-round destination. Even on some days in the Winter is it proppevoll here with us.

And best of all: who with dog to the Baltic Sea drives, can with the four-legged from 01. October back to the beach. Even with children, the cooler time can be a pleasure: If you want to go to the Baltic Sea during the autumn holidays, you'll be on your way in just a few hours holiday destination, can relatively cheap rent great accommodations and has a lot of opportunities to experience a great stay. We will introduce you to some valuable ones holiday tips for yours getaway in the fall before.

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Overview: What characterizes a short break on the Baltic Sea in autumn?
In autumn, it gets calmer and more relaxed on the coast
In October and November there are often some sunny and even relatively warm days in Scharbeutz, Timmendorfer Strand and Co.
numerous exciting leisure activities during a Baltic Sea holiday in the fall such as cycling, Strandspziergänge, jogging on the beach
Accommodations tend to be a bit cheaper in low season
Even in bad weather numerous opportunities to visit attractions and activities such as a visit to the spa
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Baltic holiday in autumn: time for a little more cosiness
On sunny days you can even recharge your batteries during a Baltic holiday in autumn. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
On some days you can even recharge your batteries during a Baltic holiday in autumn. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The wind blows neatly from the east and into Scharbeutz high waves lash onto the beach like no one has seen for months. The beach has shrunk to half its normal size during the high tide and algae are piling up. One notices the change and the change of the season in the sea like a living organism. But the change is gradual. Because on the one hand you can feel the autumn, on the other hand the summer rears up a little: It's sunny and the temperatures are still over 20 degrees Celsius during the day.

Walkers on the beach have already put on their transitional jacket, while hard-boiled people are still plunging into the water: swimmers are enjoying Germany's largest open-air wave pool. And Surfer For a change sometimes without Stand Up Paddle into the waves of the Baltic Sea, while kiters and windsurfers jump over the surf. "In Scharbeutz it's just like in Hawaii!", Writes a user on Instagram to a photo showing surfers, who are near the pier of Scharbeutz fall into the waves. The fresh sea air smells salty and the sun's rays warm the face. And above all, it is comparatively empty on the beach and in the pedestrian zones - this is the chance to really let go and relax.
Bay of Lübeck: But rather in the summer to the Baltic Sea?
Sure that Sea on our doorstep in summer is a dream! The Bay of Lübeck is one of the sunniest areas in Germany and offers astonishingly stable weather for Central European conditions in the summer. But the conditions vary a lot: While the summer 2016 was solid and had some nice days here with us on the coast, 2017 were consistently rainy from May to September - and autumnal. 2018, in turn, we have probably experienced the summer of the century - with sunshine from April to September. But it becomes clear here: nothing is reliable! You can experience a rainy, autumnal summer on the Baltic Sea or a summery fall. There's just luck to play.

So you should the Summer vacation in Scharbeutz one Autumn holiday prefer to the Baltic Sea? After all, the water is greenish, crystal clear and invites you to swim. You can walk around barefoot all day and sip cocktails in the evening in a beach bar. But as always there is a flip side of the coin: It is full of rattles! And so much so that it (in our opinion) is no longer beautiful and no fun anymore.

It congests on the 1 highway to the Baltic Sea Ferienhaus Pool Ostsee, people argue about the parking lots, on the beach you get no leg on the ground and at shops for cold drinks and ice cream shops form long queues. In the big summer holidays and especially on sunny weekends in midsummer you get in Haffkrug, Scharbeutz or on Timmendorfer beach and Niendorf / Baltic Sea no leg to the ground. The people are densely crowded, as you would otherwise only from the Mediterranean beach Majorca or Sardinia knows. Our Pro-Tip is therefore quite: Who can set it up somehow, should do himself the favor and spend the Baltic Sea holiday in the autumn.

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