How To Identify A Septic Tank Issue

on October 11 at 04:54 PM

Many homes around the globe utilize septic tanks. This is a popular method for eliminating wastewater from homes when city sewer systems aren’t available or don’t extend to your property. You can also opt for having your own septic system as not to be dependent on the city sewer to save money. 

Though septic tanks are commonly found all over, they aren’t without issues. In fact, septic tanks can run into quite a few—much like their sewer counterpart. If you're curious if your septic system is encountering problems, take a look at some of the top ways you can tell there's an issue.


Sewage Backing Up From The Drains

The most common cause for concern is when wastewater starts backing up from your drain line. For example, when you're running your shower or sink, does the water not go down? When you flush your toilet, does water come rushing back up the bowl? When water doesn't flow in the direction it's supposed to; this is an issue. In many cases, poorly flowing water indicates a blockage within the sewer system. It can also mean that a tree root is impeding its flow.


Soggy Yard

Yards can become soggy after rain. But, if you're noticing that your yard is constantly soggy despite having no rain, this could signal a problem with your septic tank or drain field. A good test is that after it rains, and it's been three or more days, if your yard is still soggy, to call a plumber Santa rosa. They will be able to perform tests to determine whether or not your septic tank is the issue or something else.


Foul Smell From Sinks and Tub

A foul odor coming from your drains is also a sign of problems. This could either be from a massive clog in the septic line or from tree roots protruding into the sewer line. Anytime you have a foul smell you can't identify, it's important to contact professionals for identification. They can quickly resolve the problem.


Final Thoughts

Are you unsure if you have a septic system issue? One of the easiest ways to tell is if water is backing up into your home. This almost always signals an immediate call to your local plumber for assistance. Not only can they perform a camera inspection, but they can also perform repairs. It’s critical that you address sewer line issues sooner rather than later. These can cause damage to your home and cost much more money to repair when left unrepaired.

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