Cosplay Costumes That Are Worth Wearing At Least Once

on October 11 at 01:20 PM

Why Is Cosplay So Popular?

Every year there are probably thousands of conventions that take place, but if there is any category in particular that tops the chart is the cosplay events. The popularity of cosplay has been around for decades, and it doesn't seem to stop any time soon. You can't call yourself a weeaboo if you have no love of Anime and its events, as they are one of the main attractions of Japan and anime lovers all over the world. The earliest pictures of cosplay can be found in the early '90s. Still, you can thank our Japanese and Weeaboo friends as it wouldn't be possible without them. They are the ones who truly airborne this entire thing and gave the entire world a community and a reason for cosplayers to not throw their love of costumes. 

If you look at the big picture, cosplay may seem like one category, but many things sum up the cosplay culture. Anime, Video games, Sci-Fi movies, basically all the things that have more to their costume can be worn in the cosplay event. There are many franchises that are way more famous because of their amazing costumes in the community of cosplayers. Well, the Akira Kaneda Leather Jacket was and still is one of the best Anime featured character's costumes. We all know that Anime is the most dominating one in the cosplay community, but there are many amazing franchises out there that are still remembered by the cosplayers around the world. So let's discuss some of the most famous costumes that are going to be in the cosplay world even when they are no longer receiving any more installments from the franchise.

Anime And The Fashionable World

As previously stated, Anime has been the backbone of cosplay, so they should have the first spot on the list.




Japanese fighting has been the most amazing and the most appealing thing to the audience worldwide. Naruto is jam-packed with all the action, story and it wouldn't be wrong to say that in the world of Anime, Naruto is the show that broke many barriers of "cartoons aren't just for kids" as 83% of the audience of the show are adults. Naruto is on the list of famous character costumes because there are many costumes from the show that are considered the essential ones in any anime convention despite the fact that wherever the event is held anywhere in the world. Without a single character costume from the show, that convention isn't complete.


In 2021, it's going to be the 23rd anniversary of this classic, ever beloved, and greatest Anime of all time. Anime or animated movie of them are the same things (the reason it is known as Anime is that its origins are from Japan). For the time of its release, the post-apocalyptic storyline was too much for the viewers of anime/animation. This boosted its popularity and fan base. Besides, it's been so long. With animation's advancement, we have seen some of the most amazing animated movies, but Akira (アキラ) still holds its place in every movie lover. The Akira costume is always a special outfit for any cosplay event.

In 1988, when the movie was released, it instantly became the best-animated movie watched by the audience. It's the first Anime to recommend to any genre lover as it's jam-packed with everything necessary in an amazing film. It was interesting to see the city of lights, Tokyo, in such a way that the gangs ruled the city, and how to forget that bike fights; that's something we still haven't seen in any animated movies.

Fashion in the Gaming industry

The multi-billion dollars industry of gaming has a significant amount of titles that we are going to see in the long run. For the cosplay community, there is more than one game, in particular, that is going to stand out from many.

Red Dead Redemption

From the world of third-person shooter games, Red Dead Redemption is by far the fastest-growing title in the world of gaming. On the other hand, its Gunslinger Jacket is one of the most popular ones in the cosplay and gaming community. The cowboy vibes of the game really caused the reason for its boom in the gamers of both keyboard and controller gamers around the globe. A fan of cosplay or not, there are many gamers that wear the costumes of their favorite character's outfit to the events. Mainly to support their beloved franchise and to show support to the developers.


Among many movie superheroes, only a few have their very own gaming franchise that gets to be a part of the gaming community. Batman is the leading superhero in the gaming community. The fan following the self-made superhero of DC among the comic lovers, but the gamers are their first and probably the only character. One great thing about the game version is that the developers have more things to alter and add to movie directors. That's why the game version has more fan following than the average movie viewers. Batman is one of the best and most beloved franchises in town and among the cosplay community. Its costumes are worth considering for the cosplay.


The Batman game franchise has many titles to offer (eight in total), and every one of them is praised and loved by players worldwide. Many are the best selling, and others are still a part of our gaming community; the first-ever installment in 2009 received the most prestigious award in the gaming industry. This Batman game was the 6th game to receive this decoration since its distribution of the most admired award ceremony of the gaming community.

Movies, Props and Fashion!

The best genre for the hunt for cosplay-worthy outfits is the sci-fi one. If you thought that this genre was only the best one to really enjoy the screen time, then you are completely wrong about that. There are many costumes from this genre that are the most praiseful costumes among cosplayers and costume lovers.

Star Wars

The early 90s film franchise has been the dominating one in the filming industry for a couple of reasons. The outlandish costume is one of the things that Star Wars has set its bar far. Since its first-ever release of the film, they instantly became the franchise of the decade. All these years later, they are the most highlighted one in the entire industry of filming and the community of cosplayers. The reason why these 90s costumes are still a huge deal among the cosplayers is that this franchise was really the first to have a story that is totally cosmic related, and to this date, this is the most-watched space franchise of all time.


Which superheroes would be a better one than the first-ever comic character? Do you know that in 2019 the first-ever comic book of Superman, Action Comics issue #1, was sold for 3.2 million dollars? You might say everyone wears the red cape when it comes to wearing costumes.

It is true, after the character release, this costume has been a dominant one at every convention related to the costume. There are many cosplayers who are known for replicating every look of Superman ever since his first appearance. So if you like the character, then the symbol of hope isn't going to be the reason for poor choice compliments.

Hopefully, this read may clear things up a bit if you are looking for an admiring costume to don into for your next convention. There are a lot more costumes than you really consider for yourself, so to make this selection less difficult, try to narrow it down to the things you really like and enjoy. This way, the time you are going to spend in such a costume is going to give you some memorable time.

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