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on September 28 at 05:00 AM

Welcome Lucky box is a trendy product. Usually, it is product of big trendy brand, players can’t see exactly what the goods in the box look like, what color, it is all luck. We combine the lucky box sales model with the game through the form of catching dolls, making the concept of trendy toy even more extreme. Check Here More About Our Product toy claw machine.


Parameter Specification:

  • Color: White, black or blue color optional
  • Version: 2 Players
  • Material: Metals+Glass
  • Net Weight: 326KG
  • Power: 915W
  • Claw size: M (5-7 “doll) *2 /(13-18cm doll)*2



 How to play:

  • Insert coin
  • Move joystick to move claw on top of the prize which you want
  • Press button to drop claw and catch
  • Collect prize


2 players crane game machine with a locker can put 20 pcs of the lucky box, which is more convenient for the site operator when refilling prize. With three-dimensional showcase can have better display for the prize and attract more players. Small area needed but high income, high area-effectiveness.


Machine details

Claw system moving stable, can adjust the claw power from weak to strong, make players feel real and natural, increases players’ loyalty

We are very concerned about the safety of the machine to polish the acrylic of playing panel smoothly and will not cut hands.

Small area needed but with 2 players, higher income, higher area-effectiveness.

With three-dimensional showcase can have better display for the prize and attract more players.



What can you customize?

  1. Put your brand in machine top acrylic, control panel and machine bottom
  2. Change machine & LED light color to match your site style


Packing & shipment


Machines normally will be packed into bubble bag+carton, if for bulk cargo, we will specially add a wood frame to protect machines well.

Full Address: E33-E35 Startoon Amusement City Yingxing E Rd, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China






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