Anthropology Term Paper Topics

on March 26 at 10:12 AM

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Anthropology Term Paper Topics

Anthropology: Analysis Review.

This undergraduate paper presents a comparative analysis of how Anthropology is concerned with the interpretation of meanings rather than a search for scientific laws. It tends to cover all the aspects related to the explanation of anthropology. 

A Comparison and Contrast of Ancient Jewelry in Egyptian and Byzantine Cultures

This paper will seek to examine the role of jewelry created in both the Egyptian and Byzantine worlds. By understanding the religious themes behind this jewelry, we can see how the Egyptians influenced the Byzantine Christian themes of jewelry making.

A Conceptual Analysis of Caucasoid and Aggression with respect to Michael Bradley\'s Born of Beast.

All successful arguments necessitate an initial defining of one\'s terms, and the consistent employment of these concepts in the course of the argument. While this does not, in and of itself, ensure an argument\'s acceptance, it is essential to a reader\'s navigation of the landscape of an author\'s text. Michael Bradley\'s "Born of Beast" superficially fulfills these two prerequisites with regard to his use of the concepts: "Caucasoid" and "aggression". However, this essay will argue that a closer reading of the text reveals not only flaws in reasoning, but an imprecision in employing these concepts that detract from the viability of his argument. It will be demonstrated that this imprecision is necessary to the maintenance of Bradley\'s thesis, but by its very nature also subverts the argument.

A Discussion and Semiotic Anthropology Of the Salem Witch Trials.

This paper addresses the history and the events of the Salem Witch Trials from the perspective of Semiotic Anthropology. Here, the question of the witchcraft trials is examined as a form of social control for a people, specifically women, who had no other element of control. 

A Feminist Analysis of the Goddess Pele in Hawaiian Mythology.

In this paper an online essay writer will seek to discover feminine thought through the volcano goddess Pele in Hawaiian mythology. By assessing the history of women in this island culture, we can see how they were held in great respect by their male counterparts.

A Fabricated Anthropological Study: The Mitzimee People of the Amazon.

This paper shall provide an examination of a fictitious society living in the "Mitzimee Jungle", an untouched area of the Amazon. The Mitzimee people shall be explored in two stages: First, their cultures shall be examined before the introduction of construction equipment for a major highway. Second, the changes that occurred after the highway went through shall be noted.

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